Summer Break: Day 33 – Henderson, Superstore, and then…bubble tea.

Today was one random day.  I did nothing much.  I woke up at around 12:15AM, due to the fact I came back really late yesterday.  My mom made macaroni with veggies and meat in soup for lunch.  After that, I went downstairs to check for new Animes, and watched Fairy Tail episode 90, and others.

At around 2PM, my mom and dad asked if I wanted to go out shopping with them.  Feeling bored at home, I accepted.  First, we went to Superstore and bought rice, and other stuff that I didn’t bother paying attention to.  Oh, one thing worth mentioning is that I found Dance Dance Revolution for PS3.  Too bad it was $45…QQ.  Anyways, we spent over an hour in there, but since I had my iPod touch, it was all good.  I was listening to albums from “The [email protected],” which is not only an Anime, but a console game as well.  When we were done at Superstore, we went to Henderson Place to go shopping there as well.  We bought vegetables and other things to cook, as our kitchen is now ready to be used.  I’m too lazy to show you pictures right now, as it’s still a little messy, but when it’s all cleaned, pictures will come.

The [real] reason why I tagged along was to get bubble tea…and guess what?  I did.  I went to the food court on the second level to get Sammi’s bubble tea.  I got coffee milk tea with pearls.  I was planning to get it with coconut jelly instead, but wanted to save some money instead.  My dad also bought Maxim’s bread downstairs, and we ate at the food court while my mom continued to go shopping at New Pacific Supermarket, which replaced Henderson Supermarket a few months back, as they were bought out (I think…).

We got back home at around 4:30PM.  I went inside, and chilled in my base until dinner by playing Dance Dance Revolution while downloading Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) Wii 2.  It was utterly slow.  My brother took the car out right when we came back, so I had to call him for dinner when the time came.

After dinner, I went back downstairs to rewatch some [email protected], along with other Animes.  Later that night, I discovered another Anime, called Dragon Crisis, so I decided to download that and watch it.  I watched episodes 1 through 3, liked it, and continued downloading the other 9 that were contained in the series.

Due the fact that I currently have irregular sleeping habits, I can not properly recalled what happened after this.  My irregular sleep patterns have also caused me to blog the day after.  Anyways, more blogging to be done later.

Cheers…and I hope I watch more Anime (<<that was random..I know…)

Summer Break: Day 32 – 21st Annual Celebration of Light


Today was an event-filled day.  I woke up at 8AM to go to Richmond, as Aunt Elaine was going to take my grandma to get a haircut.  We left at around 8:30AM, and arrived at Parker Place, an Asian mall in Richmond, at 9:30AM.  I went with my grandma, mom, and brother.  My mom dropped off my grandma at the hair salon, and we met with Uncle Toto and Aunt Elaine.  Knowing that we would have to kill two hours of time, we went to Richmond Centre, where we looked around in shops.  I went in the Best Buy and tested out an Apple Magic Mouse.  It was cool, so I decided to try it with my iPod touch.  I paired it with my iPod, and BAM, it worked really nicely.  My iPod was instantly equipped with a mouse pointer, and responded with no hesitation.  I was going to try to pair it with the keyboard, but decided not to, because there would then be no other keyboard input device.  After that, I went and walked around the mall with my brother.  We came back to HomeSense, where my mom and aunt were shopping.  Since it was about time, we left together, and went back to Parker Place.  We dropped off my aunt to go get my grandma, but she phoned and told us to just go, as she wasn’t done yet.  We went to Aberdeen Centre and walked in Daiso, the “mostly” $2 store.  I ended up buying a CD-RW disk and a “3.5mm stereo male to 2RCA male cable” for my MP3 player to plug into my stereo.  We were supposed to go for Dim Sum at 12:30PM, but ended up going at 12:50PM because my mom spent too much time in the store, and there was a traffic jam…in the parking lot…gg.  I ate Dim Sum with my cousin, Jessie Lee, and my aunt and uncle.  We got home at around 3:30PM.  We then had to get ready to go out, yet again.  This time, it was for the Celebration of Light.

For those of you who don’t know what the celebration of light is, it is basically an annual event in the summer that features fabulous fireworks in English Bay, located in Downtown Vancouver.  This year would be its 21st year.  My brother was very kind to bring me there, along with…you might have guessed it…Andrew Li.  Since my brain is getting tired, I will list the events in order during this trip:

  • Picked up Andrew Li at 4:30PM
  • Went to the McDonalds drive-thru to get an iced coffee for myself and Andrew.  Too bad my iced coffee had no sugar, and Andrew’s had double…
  • Went to Luc Poletto’s house to park our car.
  • Took transit to the downtown core.
  • Walked to English Bay
  • Walked to a burger shop that sold “Fatburgers.”  I bought one “to go.”  They were surprisingly pretty good.
  • Walked back to English Bay, Section I of the beach (was a temporary sign during the event) to find a spot to sit.
  • By this time, it was 7PM.  I started eating my burger now, along with my fries.
  • Killed 3 hours by listening to music, watching Anime (Dog Days, to be specific), and playing cards with Anduleh.
  • Watched fireworks at 10PM.
  • Immediately left at 10:25PM, which was when the fireworks finished.
  • Got to the Burrard SkyTrain station at 11:10PM.  Waited to get into the station for at least 20 minutes
  • Took the SkyTrain back to Luc’s house, which took 20 minutes.
  • Stopped and went into Luc’s house for a long awaited washroom break, which took 10 minutes.
  • Brother dropped Andrew off back at home, and we went back home ourselves, as well at 12:30AM
  • Took a shower at 1AM.  Brushed my teeth at 1:10AM.
  • Went downstairs to my base to blog.  Current time of [this] time would be 1:30AM.

Edit:  Sadly, I could not push the publish button that day, so yeah.

Anyways, that was fun, and I’ll blog again soon!


Summer Break: Day 31 – Mista Li…again…

Today was not a bad day.  Although I woke up at 11:30AM, I was still able to help my grandma prepare the table outside for lunch, and light the stove outside for her to use.  We ate macaroni with chicken in soup.  It was good.  After yesterday’s experience, I did not get a drink for myself, but instead, got one for my father, who, again, wanted a coke.  After lunch, I went downstairs to watch The [email protected], which I left downloading during the night right before I feel asleep.  Anyways, I liked the songs in this Anime, so I went internet hunting for these albums, and managed to find some.  I started downloading them.  At around 2PM, my father needed to run errands, and asked whether I wanted to go or not.  Feeling confined in my base, I agreed to go.  I also got Andrew Li to come along later on at 3PM, but before that, we went to the bank, bought stuff in the dollar store at the mall (which included a 3 way cable splitter for my internet/TV outlet), and bought food at T&T supermarket.  At 3PM, Andrew arrived at the mall.  We went and bought dollar drinks at McDonalds.  We both got an iced coffee, and I also bought one for my dad as well.  Immediately after buying them, my dad drove us back home, where Andrew and I, yet again, played Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on “Five.”  Today was a total disaster.  The highest we got to today was level 12.  All the early losses were my fault…hehe.  Andrew left at around 5:30PM for a church barbeque.  I went back down to my base, and started down-converting the songs I downloaded to 128 kbps.  Dinner was later served at around 7PM.  We had congee and fired…I mean fried noodles.  After that, I went down to continue the down-conversions.  At around 8:30PM, I went and took a shower.  Refreshed, I headed back downstairs to check on my conversions, and started doing this blog entry at around 9PM.

Since I don’t think I’m going to be doing anything else tonight, I’ll leave this entry as it is right now.  I’ll be uploading some of my kitchen photos in the near future, so look forward to them…I guess…LOL.

Cheers to FINALLY having a usable kitchen…although that has nothing to do with you…xD,

Summer Break: Day 30 – Fatty to the max…

I have no comment for myself today.  I’ll explain myself through this entry.

Today, I woke up at 11:30AM.  I brushed my teeth, ate a slice of raisin bread, and headed back to my base to check on my computer, which had been on for three days straight.  Lunch soon came, and I ate udon with lean meat.  My dad wanted to have a coke, so I grabbed it, along with a Sprite for myself and a root beer for my brother.  After lunch, I headed back downstairs to watch some K-ON!! that I downloaded yesterday.  I soon got bored, so I turned on my PS3 in my living room and played some Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer.  I went “hardcore” and played on the playlist, “Bombs.”  I played until 4PM, at which I went and got food to eat before my soccer practice.  I also went and got myself a lemon tea from the fridge in the kitchen.  Speaking of kitchens, the electrician came to our house to finish all the electrical stuff, along with Zarko, the contractor we hired.  After that, I went and listened to music on my laptop.  At 6:15PM, I got ready for soccer, or rather, the “Crunch,” a hill that is very steep near my house.  We had to run up it.  I went “try-hard” and finished second.  Our team walked back down to 7-11, where Logan, one of my teammates, got his mom to buy us all slurpees.  Actually, let me rephrase: Logan’s mom treated us to slurpees.  I couldn’t put an apostrophe in the sentence…QQ.  Anyways, we ended at around 7:50PM, ten minutes early, so I called my mom to come and pick me up.  I got home at around 8:05PM, and the electrician was still going at it.  My family had yet to have dinner.  My mom told my brother and I to take my grandma out for dinner first, as she was very hungry, and they didn’t know when they would finish.  We went to Copa Cafe at 8:50PM, where I ordered fried thick noodles for dinner, along with a milk tea.  My parents soon joined us, and we all left together at around 9:45PM.  We got home, and later on, my brother’s friends, Zia Somjee, Kanish Mathur, and Luc Poletto, came over.  I helped Zia install Windows 7 on his MacBook Pro 15″.  They left at around 1:30AM.  Now I’m very tired, and feel like sleeping…

OH WAIT!  I almost forgot.  If you did not notice the trend already, I had 4 sugary drinks today.  That was not good…at all.  I swear I consumed like 75g of sugar today.  I felt like a fatty, so I played DDR right when I came back from soccer, right up until I left for dinner.  Oh my goodness, I’m so tired right now…more blogging later.


Summer Break: Day 29 – Anduleh in the house

DUH HARRO!  Today was such a chill day.  I woke up at 11:45AM, ate udon prepared by my grandma.  At 1:15PM, my brother was kind enough to drop me off at Henderson Place, where I chilled with Anduleh again.  We bought bubble tea again.  As usual, I got coffee milk tea with coconut jelly, and Andrew Li got milk tea with pearls.  I also played the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game on his iPad.  Didn’t finish the case, though.  At around 2PM, we headed back to my house, where we, again, played Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on “Five,” and I helped Andrew Li convert the Anime, “K-ON!!,” for his iPod touch 2G.  It was a fun day…although it was an epic fail.  We gamed over on round seven once.  The highest we got to today was round 19.  Andrew died, and I had a swarm of zombies following me.  I was doing well; I was rounding them all up, ‘nading and shooting them while running in a circle.  The sad thing was I died because I hit a shelf, which slowed me down and all the zombies surrounded me.  He left at around 6PM.  I took a shower at 6:45PM.  My family ate dinner at around 7PM.  Then, I went downstairs to my base once again, but instead of going my computer, I took a nap.  Later, I was woken up by Franklin Cokeng, who called my cell phone at 8:15PM.

He called to discuss cell phones.  He currently wants to get a cell phone back here at home, but wanted to know about the plans, so I helped him research.  We switched over to Skype and continued the call, while adding in Andrew Li for some feedback.  We both told him to get an Apple Peel.  For those of you who don’t know what an Apple Peel is, it’s basically a case for the iPod touch that adds the phone and SMS functionality.  It is the cheapest way to get an iPhone, without having to be locked into a contract.  Since I want one really badly, I told him to look around Taiwan and the Philippines.  There is a high chance that he will be able to find this Apple Peel.

Anyways, back to my day of events.  The conversation of phones continued on my cellphone (after 9PM), while I was helping my parents move things into our pantry, which was now ready to be used.  We also moved the table to our dining room to plan out the lighting scenario.  We figured out how we wanted our lights to be hanged so that we could tell the electrician that would be coming tomorrow.  After that, I came back downstairs to chill out and do some more Anime watching of K-ON!!, an Anime I started watching last year, but later dropped because I thought that one of the voice actors changed.  Anyways, now I’m tired…and I will be going to sleep.

Cheers, and look forward to more blogging…I guess…!

Summer Break: Day 28 – Curry!

Hello again!  I’m actually liking the fact that I blog everyday.  Makes me feel good and remember everything that I’ve done.

Anyways, I woke up at 8AM, fell back asleep, woke up at 10:15AM, fell asleep again…and got out of bed at 11:30AM.  That was a job well done.  Anyways, when I woke up, my grandma was out doing Church activities (as she does every Tuesday).  I went upstairs (as I slept in my basement), ate a slice of bread, drank a glass of milk, and then came back down to my “base” to boot up my computer to listen to some FM (Far East Movement).  At around 12:30PM, my brother decides to make lunch for the two of us.  We ate Nissan noodles with pork balls, and called it a meal.  LOL.  We ate in the living room while watching some YTV, which I haven’t done since at least a year ago after I started getting into Anime.  My brother soon got bored of it, and switched to a channel that featured poker players.  We watched until 1:30PM, which was when my grandma came home.  My brother washed the dishes while I dried them.  I also started converting Anime (specifically Kamisama no Memo-chou and Astarotte no Omocha) “on-the-fly” (converting and copying at the same time) to my PS3 using PS3 Media Server.  Realizing that I should rest my eyes, I went outside with my iPod and headphones, sat on an adjustable lawn chair, and looked up at the distant trees while listening to music.  I somehow managed to do that for an hour with my power album (mentioned in the previous posts).  So, at about 2:45PM, my rest was interrupted by my grandma, who decided to make curry for dinner.  Since I was sick of the computer (which rarely happens…), I watched and helped my grandma cook.  All I did was stir the chicken, sauce, tomatoes, and potatoes around.  In the end, it looked really good.  Some pictures to follow at the end of this post.  My grandma even let me do a taste test.  It was so hot (as it was just cooked) and spicy, yet SO good.  My words, again, can’t describe this feeling.  After indulging in that afternoon snack that was supposed to be a taste test, I went back to my computer (actually, my brother’s computer…) to make my power album into one single gapless song.  That took forever…as they didn’t fit nice and smoothly.  I even had to stop because I had to head out to soccer practice at 6:15PM.  It was a fun way to get out of the house for a breather.  Anyways, I came home at around 8:30PM.  My mom had told me Franklin Cokeng had called, but I couldn’t call him as he was offline on everything, and had no phone number for me to reach him.  Anyways, I ate dinner.  Now, the fire power of the curry died down a little, and it was a little easier to eat.  In the end, it was great.  I took a shower after that, and returned to my base to continue making my power album into one song.  It was eventually finished, and most of the songs were seamless as it was supposed to be a gapless album.  Done with that, I ate watermelon at 9:45PM.  It was really sweet.  Done with that, I went back down to my base (yet again), and listened to my power album…for an hour.  At around 11PM, I decided to go and brush my teeth, and get ready for bed…not.  I started this blog entry at around 11:30PM, while downloading pictures from, a great place to find Anime wallpapers.  I also talked to Andrew Li as well.  We have planned another bubble tea feast at Henderson Place tomorrow.  I might take some pictures, but I’ll see.  Anyways, I’m going to sleep now.  I’m quite tired.

Oh, and as promised, here are photos of the curry I had:

To bed I go now!


PS: Oh, If you are wondering why some of my writing above was redundant, that might be from my lack of sleep and thinking as I’m just writing what comes to my head.  Anyways, enough about that.  I need some sleep xD

Summer Break: Day 27 – Chilling with Anduleh…again

Well, hello to all!  After being up very late blogging last night, I woke up and actually got out of bed at 11AM today.  To be honest, I woke up at 8AM to turn off my alarm on my iPod.  Anyways, I ate two slices of raisin bread, and drank some 1% milk before I brushed my teeth.  I ate lunch soon after, at 12:20PM.  My brother then left for work at 12:40PM.  I didn’t bother washing the dishes (I’m sure my future self will be like, “WDF,” and regret me, the past me [by then] doing that).  Instead, I turned on my Wii and began listening to ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜)SPEEDアルバム, which I introduced to you on my first day of summer break this year.  Anyways, at around 1:50PM, I left home, along with my mom and grandma, to go to Henderson Place.  My mom had to accompany my grandma as she got her eyesight checked, so I asked Anduleh (Andrew Li – this nickname was made by Andrew Li, Spencer Pooghkay, and I last year…I think…) to come bubble tea with me…again.  He just came back from the US from a church event, so it was perfect timing to chill.  I got coffee milk tea with pearls, again, while Andrew got milk teas with pearls…as usual =D.  We also got golden bubbles.  I ended up paying $10.50 for everything altogether…QQ, but Andrew was very kind to split it with me 50/50.  I still owe him money from the bubble tea that he bought for me last time.  At around 2:30PM, I went to Coquitlam Centre with Anduleh to watch him buy socks.  Apparently his cat keeps making holes in his socks…LOL…gg.  Anyways, he eventually found socks at SportChek.  Feeling like a [email protected]$$ after finishing that BBT and golden bubbles, we went in Future Shop for a look a things to kill time before my mom could come and pick me up.  Andrew and I went on Apple’s website on a Mac Mini.  I heard from a email that there was a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, so I wanted to check it out.  I was very disappointed to find that the new Mac Mini is losing the SuperDrive (DVD drive).  I was actually looking at a Mac Mini, but now without a DVD drive, I’m not so sure if I want it.  All my backups (Anime, photos, videos, etc.) are all on DVDs, so that means I would have to spend more money buying a DVD drive if I was to use a Mac Mini.  I also went and looked at the iPod touch, and found one running on iOS 4.3.3.  I wanted to go jailbreak it, but the people at Future Shop filtered out (the website used to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 on the spot using a PDF exploit), so it didn’t work too well.  Anyways, my mom came at around 3:40PM to pick us up from Future Shop, and dropped us off at my [family’s] house, along with all the groceries she bought, which caused the delay, but oh well.  I put everything in the fridge, and headed back to my basement to play Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies with Andrew Li (like I usually do…now) on the map, “Five.”  We got to level 12 before Andrew died, and I accidentally committed suicide by nading myself using my “pack[ed]-a-punch[ed]” pistol…QQ.  I also upgraded Andrew’s iPod touch (second generation) firmware from 4.1 to 4.2.1, the last firmware update for that generation.  I also helped him re-jailbreak his iPod using greenpois0n.  After all that, it was around 6PM.  Andrew left, and I came back down to do some YouTube’ing.  I watched some videos from SoldierKnowsBest, a great technology reviewer.  Dinner was served at 7PM.  There was fried eggs with tomatoes, baked salmon, and lettuce with oyster sauce.  It was good.  After dinner, I came back down to my base and started to blog while listening to “If I Was You (OMG)” remixed officially by Benny Benassi.  I also continued to YouTube and download R-15 episode 3.  At 12:30AM the next day, Franklin Cokeng calls me (happening right now) while he is in the Philippines.  At the same time, I am downloading YuruYuri episodes one through four.  I am also trying out this new app on my iPod touch with Franklin called KakaoTalk.  I find it useless until Franklin gets a cellphone.  Anyways, I’ve had enough of blogging today.  Time to blog tomorrow!


Summer Break: Day 26 – Grouse Grind

Today was a beautiful day.  It was nice and sunny with no clouds.  Today finally feels like summer, when compared to previous days, which were gloomy, and wet.  Anyways, despite sleeping really late last night, I had to wake up early at 7:45AM.  The reason: to get ready for the Grouse Grind!  For those of you who don’t know what the Grouse Grind is, it’s a steep trail located in North Vancouver.  Basically, you start at the bottom of the mountain, and hike all the way up to the top.  The last time I went would probably be last year, but I don’t remember.  Anyways, I went with my soccer team, which, today, consisted of three people: Derek Le, Arash Rahmani, and me.  Of course, my coach, Rick Findlater and Bernie Le came.  We met at Town Centre Park at 9AM, and then carpooled to the bottom of Grouse Mountain, where we started our hike.  I swear the album I downloaded yesterday, called,”EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST エクスタシーCOMPLETE BEST,” was my power album, because I got to the top of the mountain first, with a time of 45 minutes 15.1 seconds.  That was the fastest I’ve ever gone.  This was probably due to the fact that I was out at soccer academy last week.  Anyways, that made me feel really good.  I sat on a tree stump for about 13 minutes, until Arash came up.  We went to the washroom, and as we were about to walk down, my coach, Rick, shows up.  We were then told that Derek and Bernie had to go back down as Derek’s knees started hurting.  I hope he heals in time for the new soccer season.  We came back down shortly after on the gondola.  I was really sad, because that downhill ticket cost $10.  The last time I came, it only cost $5…QQ.  We went down, and headed home.  I have pictures to show later.  Anyways, I came back just in time to eat Dim Sum with my family at 12:45PM at Rainbow Butterfly in Port Coquitlam.  I ate a lot of food, probably due to the fact that I was really hungry after the run.  After lunch, I went home at around 2:30PM.  As I said earlier, it was a very sunny day.  The moment I walked into my room, it was so hot.  Sorry, let me rephrase that: it was hotter than usual, so I moved my pillow, blanket, computer, monitor, PS3, and the like downstairs to my basement.  I plan to make that my “base of operations” until my uncle comes and visits from Los Angeles next Tuesday (not this Tuesday).  Anyways, that took quite a while.  I managed to move everything down in about a hour and a half.  Of course, I took breaks in between, by playing Dance Dance Revolution, and listening to music.  Tired from the lack of sleep and the Grind, I took a shower at 4:30PM, and took a nap in my nice, cool (temperature-wise) basement (LOL).  At around 6:30PM, my mom came down and woke me up for food.  My father decided to have a barbeque outside, so I helped prepare…by bringing drinks out.  Actually, to be honest, I did nothing, really, to help.  My dad just told me to sit outside and wait for food.  I ate lamb, chicken breasts, sausages, and, best of all, a steak (mmhmm…good…).  After indulging in that greatly grilled food, my father asked me to check on our friend, Serena Ng’s house, which was up the street.  I took a walk to their house, checked their garage door to see if it was closed (as my dad went to cut their lawn today), and came back to eat some veggies.  When we finished-finished eating, it was around 8PM.  Afraid of the mosquitoes, I headed back inside, and back to my base, where I watched Kamisama no Memo-chou, a new summer Anime.  I found it quite interesting.  It’s something I can’t really describe with words.  Anyways, my future self can find this on a DVD somewhere, when this Anime completes.  My dad came down later, to check email, at around 10PM.  At that time, I played DDR to give him some space as I was occupying the entire desk with my laptop, PS3, monitor, and sound system.  At around 11PM, I started to blog, and found a remixed song from Far East Movement.  It’s called, “If I Was You (OMG),” originally by Far East Movement (known as FM), but remixed officially by Benny Benassi. Video below:

Anyways, that was all I did today. More blogging to be done later.


Edit:  I almost forgot about the photos up on Grouse Mountain:

Summer Break: Day 25 – Doing nothing…

Right now, I am too lazy.  Here’s my list of events:

  • Woke up at 9:30AM
  • Ate Maxim bread for breakfast, along with 1% milk
  • Tile guy came to start on back splash for kitchen
  • Went out with mom to buy grout for the tiles at 11AM
  • Came back at 12:15PM
  • Ate udon for lunch at 1PM
  • Began to rip the album, “EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST エクスタシーCOMPLETE BEST,” from YouTube at 1:30PM while playing Dance Dance Revolution
  • Began down-converting the album to from 192kbps to 128kbps at 3PM
  • Went to the new Walmart Supercentre in Port Coquitlam at 4PM
  • Came back home at around 6:15PM
  • Went out to Lucky Gate Restaurant (in Central Coquitlam) to eat dinner at 6:30PM
  • Came back home at around 8PM
  • Continued, and finished down-converting the above album at 8:05PM
  • Played Dance Dance Revolution at 9PM
  • Watched Die Hard (not sure which one) in 1080p at 10PM
  • Went to sleep at around 12AM

This is what I did today.  As you may have noticed, the last modified date for this post is at around 1:30AM on Monday, July 25, 2011.  This is because I was busy and did not have time to post this.  Anyways, more blogging later!


Summer Break: Day 24 – Chilling with my brother…again =D

Hello!  It’s Lui again (who else would it be…lol)!  Today was a fun day.  I woke up at 7:40AM: the usual for this week.  I ate breakfast and went to soccer academy, which was at 9AM.  Before I was able to leave my house, our kitchen countertops arrived, and the people working for the company “ATT Stoneworks” began to mount it on top of our cabinets.  I could not see this as I had to head out for soccer.  This session would be the last one this month…or this payment.  Time seemed to fly by so quickly, because when it ended, I thought there would be more.  Turns out it was already 11AM: way past our supposed ending time.  Anyways, my dad came to pick me up, along with my teammates, Derek Le and Hayden Findlater.  We dropped them off at home, and then I went home and started my no-so-clean reinstall of Windows XP.  By “no-so-clean,” I mean repairing the operating system without deleting any files.  Apparently this was possible, but I didn’t know until now.  While I got that up and running, I went and took a shower to cool myself off.  Immediately after that refreshing shower, my grandma had food ready: udon, veggies, and lean meat.  After enjoying my afternoon meal, I went back to my room and continued my reinstall of XP.  As that kept going, I listened to music, and began downloading Anime.  Today’s releases (PST time) that I downloaded were Ro-Kyu-Bu! episode 4, Fairy Tail episode 89, The [email protected] episode 3, Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! episode 3, and Mayo Chiki episode 3.  Please note: I did not download all these episodes at the same time, as they did not come out at the same time.  While some episodes were downloading, I helped my brother clean the basement, as his friends, Kanish Marthur, Luc Poletto, and Zia Somjee came over to have drinks last night, and left cans on the table.  With that out of the way, my computer continued downloading, and I watched Mayo Chiki, as it was done downloading at around 2:40PM.  At 3:45PM, my brother and I left home for Henderson Place.  My brother wanted to drive, but could not as there was no car available.  Anyways, I said we went to Henderson Place.  I should not need to say what the purpose of that trip was for: to buy bread and bubble tea (LOL).  We got there at around 4:40PM, and I had coffee milk tea with pearls.  My mom came to Henderson soon after, bought groceries, and drove us home at 5:15PM.  I went back to watching Anime.  At 6:15PM, I helped my mom prepare soup for dinner.  At 6:30PM, dinner was served.  We had soy sauce chicken, steamed fish, and Gai Lan.  It was really good, other than the fact that we had to cook outside…and not inside…*sigh*.  Anyways, I managed to evade washing and drying dishes after dinner, as I helped with the preparations (I know…what kind of logic is that?!?…).  Between 7PM and 8PM, I was creating a “Merudaiyo!” message tone for my cell phone using audio from the Anime, “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows).”  I don’t know how that took an hour…but it did.  See the end of the post for a download.  I listened to music from 8PM until 9PM in my basement.  At 9PM, I realized that I was really bored, so I started to play Dance Dance Revolution.  I made some achievements by being able to complete DoLL on Challenge, and Xepher on Heavy.  After engaging in DDR for over an hour and a half, I called it a day, went upstairs, drank milk, ate a mango, and started to blog, as my brother was heading for the shower.  I was tired and drenched in sweat.  I waited…for a bit.  I took a shower at around 11:40PM, but between 10:30PM and then was when I drank milk and ate the mango.  Anyways, right now it’s 12:30AM on the next day, and I don’t feel like blogging anymore, so I’m going to watch some Anime.

Time to blog some more later.

Today’s downloads:

  1. Merudaiyo!
  2. Merudaiyo! x3
  3. Merudaiyo! extended