Summer Break: Day 30 – Fatty to the max…

I have no comment for myself today.  I’ll explain myself through this entry.

Today, I woke up at 11:30AM.  I brushed my teeth, ate a slice of raisin bread, and headed back to my base to check on my computer, which had been on for three days straight.  Lunch soon came, and I ate udon with lean meat.  My dad wanted to have a coke, so I grabbed it, along with a Sprite for myself and a root beer for my brother.  After lunch, I headed back downstairs to watch some K-ON!! that I downloaded yesterday.  I soon got bored, so I turned on my PS3 in my living room and played some Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer.  I went “hardcore” and played on the playlist, “Bombs.”  I played until 4PM, at which I went and got food to eat before my soccer practice.  I also went and got myself a lemon tea from the fridge in the kitchen.  Speaking of kitchens, the electrician came to our house to finish all the electrical stuff, along with Zarko, the contractor we hired.  After that, I went and listened to music on my laptop.  At 6:15PM, I got ready for soccer, or rather, the “Crunch,” a hill that is very steep near my house.  We had to run up it.  I went “try-hard” and finished second.  Our team walked back down to 7-11, where Logan, one of my teammates, got his mom to buy us all slurpees.  Actually, let me rephrase: Logan’s mom treated us to slurpees.  I couldn’t put an apostrophe in the sentence…QQ.  Anyways, we ended at around 7:50PM, ten minutes early, so I called my mom to come and pick me up.  I got home at around 8:05PM, and the electrician was still going at it.  My family had yet to have dinner.  My mom told my brother and I to take my grandma out for dinner first, as she was very hungry, and they didn’t know when they would finish.  We went to Copa Cafe at 8:50PM, where I ordered fried thick noodles for dinner, along with a milk tea.  My parents soon joined us, and we all left together at around 9:45PM.  We got home, and later on, my brother’s friends, Zia Somjee, Kanish Mathur, and Luc Poletto, came over.  I helped Zia install Windows 7 on his MacBook Pro 15″.  They left at around 1:30AM.  Now I’m very tired, and feel like sleeping…

OH WAIT!  I almost forgot.  If you did not notice the trend already, I had 4 sugary drinks today.  That was not good…at all.  I swear I consumed like 75g of sugar today.  I felt like a fatty, so I played DDR right when I came back from soccer, right up until I left for dinner.  Oh my goodness, I’m so tired right now…more blogging later.



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