Summer Break: Day 31 – Mista Li…again…

Today was not a bad day.  Although I woke up at 11:30AM, I was still able to help my grandma prepare the table outside for lunch, and light the stove outside for her to use.  We ate macaroni with chicken in soup.  It was good.  After yesterday’s experience, I did not get a drink for myself, but instead, got one for my father, who, again, wanted a coke.  After lunch, I went downstairs to watch The iDOLM@STER, which I left downloading during the night right before I feel asleep.  Anyways, I liked the songs in this Anime, so I went internet hunting for these albums, and managed to find some.  I started downloading them.  At around 2PM, my father needed to run errands, and asked whether I wanted to go or not.  Feeling confined in my base, I agreed to go.  I also got Andrew Li to come along later on at 3PM, but before that, we went to the bank, bought stuff in the dollar store at the mall (which included a 3 way cable splitter for my internet/TV outlet), and bought food at T&T supermarket.  At 3PM, Andrew arrived at the mall.  We went and bought dollar drinks at McDonalds.  We both got an iced coffee, and I also bought one for my dad as well.  Immediately after buying them, my dad drove us back home, where Andrew and I, yet again, played Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on “Five.”  Today was a total disaster.  The highest we got to today was level 12.  All the early losses were my fault…hehe.  Andrew left at around 5:30PM for a church barbeque.  I went back down to my base, and started down-converting the songs I downloaded to 128 kbps.  Dinner was later served at around 7PM.  We had congee and fired…I mean fried noodles.  After that, I went down to continue the down-conversions.  At around 8:30PM, I went and took a shower.  Refreshed, I headed back downstairs to check on my conversions, and started doing this blog entry at around 9PM.

Since I don’t think I’m going to be doing anything else tonight, I’ll leave this entry as it is right now.  I’ll be uploading some of my kitchen photos in the near future, so look forward to them…I guess…LOL.

Cheers to FINALLY having a usable kitchen…although that has nothing to do with you…xD,


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