Summer Break: Day 32 – 21st Annual Celebration of Light


Today was an event-filled day.  I woke up at 8AM to go to Richmond, as Aunt Elaine was going to take my grandma to get a haircut.  We left at around 8:30AM, and arrived at Parker Place, an Asian mall in Richmond, at 9:30AM.  I went with my grandma, mom, and brother.  My mom dropped off my grandma at the hair salon, and we met with Uncle Toto and Aunt Elaine.  Knowing that we would have to kill two hours of time, we went to Richmond Centre, where we looked around in shops.  I went in the Best Buy and tested out an Apple Magic Mouse.  It was cool, so I decided to try it with my iPod touch.  I paired it with my iPod, and BAM, it worked really nicely.  My iPod was instantly equipped with a mouse pointer, and responded with no hesitation.  I was going to try to pair it with the keyboard, but decided not to, because there would then be no other keyboard input device.  After that, I went and walked around the mall with my brother.  We came back to HomeSense, where my mom and aunt were shopping.  Since it was about time, we left together, and went back to Parker Place.  We dropped off my aunt to go get my grandma, but she phoned and told us to just go, as she wasn’t done yet.  We went to Aberdeen Centre and walked in Daiso, the “mostly” $2 store.  I ended up buying a CD-RW disk and a “3.5mm stereo male to 2RCA male cable” for my MP3 player to plug into my stereo.  We were supposed to go for Dim Sum at 12:30PM, but ended up going at 12:50PM because my mom spent too much time in the store, and there was a traffic jam…in the parking lot…gg.  I ate Dim Sum with my cousin, Jessie Lee, and my aunt and uncle.  We got home at around 3:30PM.  We then had to get ready to go out, yet again.  This time, it was for the Celebration of Light.

For those of you who don’t know what the celebration of light is, it is basically an annual event in the summer that features fabulous fireworks in English Bay, located in Downtown Vancouver.  This year would be its 21st year.  My brother was very kind to bring me there, along with…you might have guessed it…Andrew Li.  Since my brain is getting tired, I will list the events in order during this trip:

  • Picked up Andrew Li at 4:30PM
  • Went to the McDonalds drive-thru to get an iced coffee for myself and Andrew.  Too bad my iced coffee had no sugar, and Andrew’s had double…
  • Went to Luc Poletto’s house to park our car.
  • Took transit to the downtown core.
  • Walked to English Bay
  • Walked to a burger shop that sold “Fatburgers.”  I bought one “to go.”  They were surprisingly pretty good.
  • Walked back to English Bay, Section I of the beach (was a temporary sign during the event) to find a spot to sit.
  • By this time, it was 7PM.  I started eating my burger now, along with my fries.
  • Killed 3 hours by listening to music, watching Anime (Dog Days, to be specific), and playing cards with Anduleh.
  • Watched fireworks at 10PM.
  • Immediately left at 10:25PM, which was when the fireworks finished.
  • Got to the Burrard SkyTrain station at 11:10PM.  Waited to get into the station for at least 20 minutes
  • Took the SkyTrain back to Luc’s house, which took 20 minutes.
  • Stopped and went into Luc’s house for a long awaited washroom break, which took 10 minutes.
  • Brother dropped Andrew off back at home, and we went back home ourselves, as well at 12:30AM
  • Took a shower at 1AM.  Brushed my teeth at 1:10AM.
  • Went downstairs to my base to blog.  Current time of [this] time would be 1:30AM.

Edit:  Sadly, I could not push the publish button that day, so yeah.

Anyways, that was fun, and I’ll blog again soon!



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