Summer Break: Day 33 – Henderson, Superstore, and then…bubble tea.

Today was one random day.  I did nothing much.  I woke up at around 12:15AM, due to the fact I came back really late yesterday.  My mom made macaroni with veggies and meat in soup for lunch.  After that, I went downstairs to check for new Animes, and watched Fairy Tail episode 90, and others.

At around 2PM, my mom and dad asked if I wanted to go out shopping with them.  Feeling bored at home, I accepted.  First, we went to Superstore and bought rice, and other stuff that I didn’t bother paying attention to.  Oh, one thing worth mentioning is that I found Dance Dance Revolution for PS3.  Too bad it was $45…QQ.  Anyways, we spent over an hour in there, but since I had my iPod touch, it was all good.  I was listening to albums from “The iDOLM@STER,” which is not only an Anime, but a console game as well.  When we were done at Superstore, we went to Henderson Place to go shopping there as well.  We bought vegetables and other things to cook, as our kitchen is now ready to be used.  I’m too lazy to show you pictures right now, as it’s still a little messy, but when it’s all cleaned, pictures will come.

The [real] reason why I tagged along was to get bubble tea…and guess what?  I did.  I went to the food court on the second level to get Sammi’s bubble tea.  I got coffee milk tea with pearls.  I was planning to get it with coconut jelly instead, but wanted to save some money instead.  My dad also bought Maxim’s bread downstairs, and we ate at the food court while my mom continued to go shopping at New Pacific Supermarket, which replaced Henderson Supermarket a few months back, as they were bought out (I think…).

We got back home at around 4:30PM.  I went inside, and chilled in my base until dinner by playing Dance Dance Revolution while downloading Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) Wii 2.  It was utterly slow.  My brother took the car out right when we came back, so I had to call him for dinner when the time came.

After dinner, I went back downstairs to rewatch some iDOLM@STER, along with other Animes.  Later that night, I discovered another Anime, called Dragon Crisis, so I decided to download that and watch it.  I watched episodes 1 through 3, liked it, and continued downloading the other 9 that were contained in the series.

Due the fact that I currently have irregular sleeping habits, I can not properly recalled what happened after this.  My irregular sleep patterns have also caused me to blog the day after.  Anyways, more blogging to be done later.

Cheers…and I hope I watch more Anime (<<that was random..I know…)


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