Summer Break: Day 34 – Happy times…with a hint of anger.

Today was a great day, if I only thought about the good things (no duh, right?).  I was woken up my mom at around 10:30AM.  She lectured me about sleeping earlier with her “angry” attitude (as usual…).  I endured it while my brother ignored her and went upstairs to prepare to go for work.  After she was done, I went upstairs to brush my teeth, and eat some Maxim bread that my father bought yesterday.  After that, I began moving stuff from my base back into my room, as my cousins from LA, along with my uncle and aunt, were coming to visit tomorrow.  I moved my Sony amplifier to the living room, and began to set up my PS2 and Wii over there.  As I was moving stuff up, my mom began spazzing at my grandma because she was complaining about deer eating her tomato plants, and wanted to move them closer to the house.

Oh, while I was moving stuff up (as well…), I was burning and verifying Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) Wii 2, which finished downloading this morning, because I left my computer running the whole night…well technically I did for a few days straight.  Anyways, I tested it out on my Wii, and it worked.  If you were wondering why I downloaded this, it was because it featured two iDOLM@STER songs, and I wanted to play it on the Wii, too, as I have it on my iPod touch as well.  Anyways, I liked it.

Before I had lunched, I was going to play Dance Dance Revolution, but my mom yelled at me, saying that it would loosen the nails underneath, even though I played a few years back, before my PS2 broke.  In the end, I didn’t play Dance Dance Revolution.  Instead, I played Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) again…

After lunch, my mom forced me to go shopping with her, because if I didn’t I would have been “playing video games or watching Anime the whole day…”  Anyways, she said we were going to Ikea, which I was looking forward to.  She also said she was going to make a short stop at HomeSense.  Believing it would be only 10 to 20 minutes, I stayed in the car.  It was hot, so I opened the doors to the car, but didn’t want to go in and walk.  I clearly misjudged my mom; I forgot her “short stops” usually are one to two hours.  So after waiting for an hour and a half in the car, she finally came, and we headed off to Ikea, which seemed like forever.  Good thing I wasn’t bored in the car.  THANK YOU IPOD TOUCH…WHAT A BOREDOM SAVER!  Anyways, I was mad at my mom (yes, I know, it seems like a stupid reason to be mad, since it was my fault anyways…).  I was muttering stuff…lets say something like this: “WHAT THE F**K, MOM!?!?!  WHY DID YOU MAKE ME F**KING WAIT SO LONG UNDER THE F**KING SUN?!?!?,” which, in the end, almost resulted in a quick ride back home, but didn’t.  I just told my mom to get what we came for and leave.  Still, that took over 30 minutes to achieve.

Before we left, my grandma wanted me to get her a hot dog.  She told me to get two, and I did.  She intended to buy it for me, but since I was just angry, I gave it to my mom.  Now thinking back on it, I was just being a pure dumbass…and I think I made my grandma a little sad…*sigh*…Now I’m feeling regret.

By the time we got home, it was 5:45PM.  I went downstairs to my base, where my laptop still was, and watched some Dragon Crisis, which I started downloading yesterday…in batches of two.  I did that until dinner time.  After dinner, I went over to my Wii and continued to play some Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人).

I eventually helped clear everything out of the basement in preparation for my cousin, uncle, and aunt’s arrival at our house tomorrow.

So, with all that happening in one day, I did not do this blog post on the same day, as I was worn out by 9PM, and went to sleep at around 10PM.  More blogging to come!


PS: If you look at when this post was published, it should be published on the day these events happen.  It just makes my life easier to look back on it when everything is in the right date.  The last modified should be when I actually wrote it, on most occassions, or minor edits, which I usually write why I edited it.


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