My Second Week of Grade 10

Hello all.

Well, I’ve gotten past the second week of school this year. I am slowing getting back into the usual routine of going to school. So far, I’ve had three quizzes, a little bit of homework, and one assignment that I’m still working on. Something new that happened this week is that I am now a section leader for the saxophone section in junior concert band.
Another thing notable this week is the fact that I forgot my lunch on Wednesday. It was tough getting through that entire day without food. The sad thing was I forgot my money at home and couldn’t buy anything to eat.
Also, I now know how to write my name in the Japanese script, カタカナ. I’ve learned how to write over 25 ひらがな characters as well.
Moving on, we are learning about World War I in Socials, and are working on a newspaper assignment. This assignment is writing the articles from the bias of one country that was involved in the first World War. This assignment is still ongoing at this blog entry.
Tomorrow, I will be going to Chinese school for the first time this school year. I am currently in Secondary 2.

Now that I’ve written down all of my thoughts, it’s time to say goodbye for now.

Until next time, have fun!

PS: This entry was typed on an iPad via Safari, and not the WordPress app on iOS.

Back to School: Day 2 – Homework already…QQ

Well, it sucked today…I got homework already.  And not only that, the location of my locker is…horrible (well to me it is…).  My locker is located right in front of the girl’s washroom.  I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not, but this is a downgrade from my full sized locker I had last year, which proved very helpful in storing my Alto Sax.

This is my schedule for this semester:

Block 1: IB Science 10
Block 2: ICT Modular Survey 11
Block 3: Concert/Jazz Band 10
Block 4: Introductory Japanese 11
Block 5: IB Socials 11

It’s gonna be a tough year…but that’s what I came here for.

Anyways, I have to prepare for school now.  More blogging to be done later…and I guess I lied about putting photos up for my previous posts…


Summer Break: Day 69 – The Final Day…

Well, time sure flies by fast.  I haven’t blogged in almost three weeks, but here’s a brief outline of what happened in the past few weeks:

  • Got an iPad 2
  • Got a 2TB external hard drive. (Western Digital Elements 2TB, for the techies) =D
  • Successfully transferred all my files from my failing 250GB hard drive over to my new 2TB. =D
  • Went out with Andrew Li and Ray Low for a bike ride around PoCo trail, and took a break at the McDonalds in Walmart.
  • Received a Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn necklace and a 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku <3) notepad from my friend, Franklin Cokeng, who returned from Taiwan on August 24th.
  • Franklin Cokeng got a BlackBerry on August 28th, 2011.
  • Played in a soccer tournament in Chilliwack, but lost three games out of the four…but it was the start of our season.
  • Hung out with Ray Low and Franklin Cokeng almost every day after the 24th.
  • Went to Crystal Mall with Ray Low and Franklin Cokeng on September 2nd just to chill, which, in our case, was playing cards, buying bubble tea (I got mango green tea with coconut jelly =D), and window shopping.
  • Helped my brother move into his dormitory, and lent him our old wireless router.
  • Met Sam Ng, my friend since elementary school, for the first time in two years and played Big 2 with him and Franklin Cokeng on one day, and Ray Low joined us again on the next day.
  • Dollar drinks at McDonalds ended, and their little scheme of getting people to buy drinks…sadly succeeded, because I bought a small iced coffee…QQ…for $1.39.

And yeah, that’s basically what happened during these past weeks.  I have to prepare for school now, so I will be blogging again soon.