Back to School: Day 2 – Homework already…QQ

Well, it sucked today…I got homework already.  And not only that, the location of my locker is…horrible (well to me it is…).  My locker is located right in front of the girl’s washroom.  I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not, but this is a downgrade from my full sized locker I had last year, which proved very helpful in storing my Alto Sax.

This is my schedule for this semester:

Block 1: IB Science 10
Block 2: ICT Modular Survey 11
Block 3: Concert/Jazz Band 10
Block 4: Introductory Japanese 11
Block 5: IB Socials 11

It’s gonna be a tough year…but that’s what I came here for.

Anyways, I have to prepare for school now.  More blogging to be done later…and I guess I lied about putting photos up for my previous posts…



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