This blog

This is the Blog of Lui. It’s my personal blog, where I ramble on random stuff, including anime figures, coding, and daily life.

The banner image

The banner image was taken in September 2019 at the Azur Lane 2nd year anniversary event in Akihabara, Japan. At this particular venue, this was an event mural at an entrance to an Azur Lane gallery with fanart from a plethora of artists. You can see more in this blog post.


My name is Lui. I am a computer engineer based in Vancouver, Canada. I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2019, and I am currently a Software Engineer at a networking company headquartered in California but with an office in Burnaby, Canada.

I have a few hobbies. I do some coding projects on the side, including helping to add features to the SFU Anime Club’s Discord bot, Ren. When I’m not doing that, I enjoy watching anime, playing mobile phone games, such as [email protected] Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage and Azur Lane, and listening to music. I also collect anime figures from said series.

I typically aim to have at least one longer piece of writing per month. My photo taking skills aren’t great, but I intend to improve on it as time goes on.

This blog serves as a place for me to just gather my thoughts and express it freely. I don’t have a set format: I just write as I go. I have things that I wrote when I was still in school (e.g. grade 7), so this serves as somewhat of a time capsule for me as well.