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Posts about Anime figures, which include photos and maybe some videos.

Tsunako: Eureka

Here is another bunny girl from FREEing, which I recently got to congratulate myself on a small work milestone. I take a closer look at Tsunako-sensei's original character, Eureka, in figure form and outline some of my thoughts. Slight NSFW warning.

Re:Zero: Halloween Rem

After being delayed for over 8 months, Halloween Rem was finally released in late-May. I take a look at this figure from Phat! and offer some of my thoughts.

Azur Lane: Eldridge

For my birthday a few months back, I decided to get myself the 1/7 scale version of Eldridge from the popular mobile game Azur Lane, which features anthropomorphized warships based off of those from World War II. As you can…