Room Diary: August 2023

Here's an extended edition of my room diary snapshot that also covers my home office and display case setup. NSFW warning.

It’s been several months since my last room diary, and like life, things continued to change. I thought now would be a good time to do another snapshot of my current home office, bedroom, and display case setup.

To start, below is how my home office desk looks like. I upgraded to a laptop + monitor arm stand to help reclaim the space that was lost when I had my monitor stand. I also got rid of my desk lamp in favour of a monitor light bar from Xiaomi. I bought this one about half a year ago, and so far it’s been pretty good! I can adjust the colour temperature and brightness with its wireless puck controller, so during the day I set it to be more cool, and if I’m working later in the evening, I set it warmer. On the right side of my desk, I have my figures on rotation, with bunny girl Lacus currently keeping me company during work. I still have Korie Riko-sensei’s wall scroll on the side.

I still rock a late-2020 Apple Macbook Pro for work and a Magic Keyboard 2. I did ditch my mouse for an Apple Magic Trackpad, as I’m very accustomed to the trackpad gestures. That said, I do keep the Magic Mouse 2 around just in case I forget to recharge my trackpad batteries.

In my bedroom, I still have a wall of artist prints that I’ve collected from various conventions. The ones I bought recently from Animethon will be in storage until I sort some things out. One thing that has changed slightly is my room layout: I moved my desk to the end of the room, and placed my drawers directly beside it.

On my desk, I replaced my older 21.5″ monitor with a 34″ curved ultrawide monitor from Dell. It’s nothing fancy, just one that gives me more screen real estate. This gives me back some space on my actual desktop by without having to keep my laptop on my desk. At some point, I might also get another monitor arm, but I don’t have an immediate need, so I’m holding off for now. As for that old monitor, I gave it to my parents who were still rocking an older 4:3 aspect ratio one from ages ago. Sitting on top of this monitor is an identical Xiaomi monitor light bar. Surprisingly, the curved nature of the monitor still works fine with this light bar. Hurray!

To the right of my desk, my drawers have pretty much become figure display central. The FREEing 1/4 scale bunny girl figure collection continues to expand. Tiger version Tiaga sits on a riser, looking directly at me while I work on personal projects, while White Queen continues to hold onto my glasses. I also recently acquired Hifumi and Aoba to commemorate a pay raise. I want to take more photos of them later on, but they’re still stunning to look at. Since they’re all out in the open, I have to constantly use the camera lens blower to get the dust off. Also, the pink fur they’re sitting on was originally for Lacus, but since she’s chilling by my work desk for now, I didn’t bother moving the fur over.

Overall, this setup has been serving me well so far. I can look at spreadsheets with many columns without having to span two monitors, and I can have code and documentation all on one screen. When I need to take a break, I can just look to my right at some nice figures, or look up at the print wall. I should probably get a better chair at some point, but one thing at a time. 😉

On the alls, I do have a couple of new scroll additions. The first one is a B1-sized original character strawberry bunny girl illustration by Mitsuba Choco-sensei, which I bought from The other three I got from my recent Japan trip: two B2-sized illustrations of Syroh-sensei’s original character Mia Flatpaddy, of which one is in a very questionable pose. Near the window is one of the B2-sized iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls wall scrolls I bought when I was in Japan this past May from an exhibition commemorating the original Cinderella Girls mobage.

My dakimakuras are still here. In the current daki cover rotation, I have Miu who is an original character illustrated by Korie Riko-sensei on the right (which I also got recently), and Sistine on the left. A nice comfy pillow to hug while sleeping. 🙂

On the left side of my door, I have my Haruna dakimakura watching over, with the Aoba and Hifumi figure boxes placed against the wall. I also have Vanilla and Hana both still in their figure boxes, which I plan to unbox in the coming months once some other things settle down. I also got another hand-me-down machine from my brother’s workplace, so I’ll be looking at provisioning that at some point for my persoanl projects. To the right of the door are the same wall scrolls I had before: the two Cecil and Lincia Elf Village ones from their respective figures and bunny girl Eureka. I also hung up the iM@S pub mirror featuring Munakata Atsumi, but I’ll be rearranging that at some point. More on that in a future blog post. 😉

And finally, the figure display cases. They’re still in my living room. The majority of shelves haven’t changed too much: I still have a couple of Love Live! shelves, and a few bunny girl and nekomimi shelves. My iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls figures have increased and cover three shelves. I have an Elf Village shelf that’s getting crowded now, and I have two more Elf Village figures in the queue, so I’ll need to reorganize and get more display cases or bookshelves. IKEA is discontinuing the DETOLF display cases, so I’ll have to look at other options. From the anecdotes I’ve read on Reddit and MyFigureCollection, the DETOLF build quality seems to have deteriorated over the last few years, with the thickness of the glass being reduced and consequently the weight limit. It’s probably for the better to look for alternatives: although the glass really makes viewing great from all angles, I am starting to think about getting something more durable.

Anyways, that’s all I have this time around. I might do a desk diary at work some other time. The figure collection there is also growing slightly.

Until next time!



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