iM@S CG: Abe Nana (Puripuri Usamin Ver.)

In a recent shipment from AmiAmi, I found one of the last remaining stock of a figure from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, the cute idol from planet Usamin, Abe Nana. I take a somewhat closer at this figure from Broccoli.

In my September figure shipment from AmiAmi, I was faced with another DHL dilemma with shipping back two Nendoroids. Once again, I decided to pad it with another scale figure, this time from Broccoli. I’ve seen some previous figures from them before, namely the Prisma Illya beast version figures and a Z/X figure from an illustration by Takuya Fujima-sensei, and I thought they looked pretty good in terms of detail. The one I ordered is from the iDOLM@STER (Cinderella Girls) franchise: the forever 17-year old idol from planet Usamin, Abe Nana.

This particular rendition of Nana is from the Starlight Stage mobile game, specifically the awakened version of her SSR1 card, as shown below:

Awakened SSR1 of Abe Nana.

When Nana arrived, she actually came with an outer transport box, which was a first from the figures I’ve ordered so far. It definitely adds another layer of protection against moisture and light dings, so I take that.. Taking her out of this box, we get the usual figure box with its colourful design, and it’s actually wrapped in a plastic bag for protection. I’ll skip photos of the other sides of the box, but it’s pretty nice. <3 I got the one with the AmiAmi bonus, which included an acrylic strap.

Taking her out of the box, we have the actual figure of Nana herself wrapped in plastic, along with the base, which also looks like it has two bunny ears in itself. We have a couple of Usamin inhabitants sitting on top of carrots, which are attached to the base. Nana attaches to the base via a plastic peg from the base into a hole near the back of her skirt.

And with that, Nana is fully assembled. She sits on top of planet Usamin, dawning her signature bunny ears while also mimicking its shape with her hands. She wears her pink bunny maid outfit, which also has a small bunny tail at the back of her dress. On her legs are white thigh highs which run completely to her feet, where she is wearing pink coloured shoes with pink bowties and yellow bottoms that feature a bunny outline with “USA” (TL: short for usagi meaning bunny) written in the middle.

Starting from the top, we’ll see Nana’s bunny ears, which attaches to her ponytail via a pink bowtie. Her bunny ears have a bit of texture to them, so I kind of liked that. Her ponytail is also nicely sculpted, with pretty good detail on the ends of the strands of hair.

Moving to the the dress, near Nana’s breasts, we see pink frills lining the top, and white in the cup area. The sculpt incorporated the tightness of the chest area, which I thought was nice little detail to add. The paint job on the gold buttons were spot on. The burgundy-coloured outlines along the dress is a nice dark contrast to the lighter shade of pink. I think it makes the dress stand out a bit more, so I really like it. That being said, the paint job on the back of her dress wasn’t as tidy as the front: the burgundy-coloured laces aren’t as defined, but since this is not the main focal point of the figure, and expecting perfection is unrealistic, I can let it slide.

As we move to the lower part of the dress, we see some nice little details. On the half-apron part, we have a nice little bunny with hearts on it. The edges of Nana’s dress are patterned similarly to her bunny ears: we’ll see the colourful parallelograms and the textured, as well as the textured, frilly white parts all around her dress. In addition, there are gray bunny ears and hearts that run all around the dress.

On Nana’s lower half, we’ll see her white thigh highs, where the top has a nice bright orange outline. I also appreciate the pink ruffles from the lower angle. You’ll also be able to see the “tightness” of her thigh highs that accentuates plump thighs, and that’s a extremely small detail that I appreciate a lot. Her shoes are also match her dress, with the same shade of pink. The top of her shoes also have the same, matching texture as her bunny ears and dress. As I alluded to earlier, the bottom of her shoes also have USA written on the bottom, which is a small, nice detail that matches the originally illustration: a nice addition, in my opinion! We also can’t forget about the Usamin inhabitants.

Here’s some random comparison shots I played around with. In both image comparisons below, you’ll see the “thigh tightness” I was referring to earlier. 🙂

Changing up the aperture a bit.
Different areas of focus.

Overall, I love this figure of Nana. She looked great in the prototype images, and Broccoli has done a pretty good job to ensure that the final product looks stunning. Sure, there are minor imperfections in the lace paint job on the back where it’s not as visible, but the overall sculpting and details, from the frills and textures to the USA text at the bottom. I’m really happy to add another iM@S girl to the collection.

Anyways, that’s all I have this time around. I have the NEKOYOME Azuki figure coming in soon, so I’m excited to see how she turned out in person! I’ll leave you with another view of Abe Nana:D

Abe Nana from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

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