Komatsu Ibuki’s New SSR

Komatsu Ibuki, one of my favourite unvoiced characters, recently had a new SSR drop, so this post is just here to document it :)

My favourite non-voiced character in Cinderella Girls is Ibuki, and, frankly, I don’t know when she became my favourite. At some point, I learned that she likes to skateboard and dance, so perhaps that kind of active lifestyle was something I related to. Recently, her SSR2 was released and I was caught slightly off guard.

Ibuki was the banner SSR girl in one of the latest gacha pools.

I have been saving up gems since the last time I went all in and pulled for Miria’s SSR5. This time around, I saved roughly 32k jewels, which gave me about 130 pulls. Over the course of those 130 pulls, I managed to get a few SSRs, including a duplicate Helen1 and Suzuho1 (among others), but none of them were on banner. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

I decided to pay my “gacha taxes” by buying the 6300 jewel pack for 4900 JPY on the first night I pulled, only to be met with disappointment: no Ibuki. On the last day before the SSR banner ended, I decided to go and buy another 6300 jewel pack, also to be disappointed once more. In the last hour, I had the smart idea of going again while having some friends spectating and praying with me, and bought the last 6300 jewel pack for the month. This time, the probability gods were with me, and FINALLY I managed to pull her:

I am very fortunate to have a job that gives me enough money to occasionally spend money on gacha games, otherwise I would’ve just called it a day after I ran out of the jewels I saved up. As always, one must spend within reason, since this is pretty much gambling. After conversion, those three jewel packs costed $180 CAD, so this is definitely something I do not and will not be doing often.

Ibuki’s awakened card design is pretty cool! She’s striking a pose while dancing on the street. I didn’t get the premium cut version of her, but since I had gotten quite a few duplicate SSRs this time around, it gave me enough of gems to buy the premium film and apply it on her:

Ibuki’s awakened card.

To end it off, here she is in one of my favourite MVs and songs: Sunazuka Akira’s solo song called #HE4DSHOT:

Ibuki in #HE4DSHOT

Anyways, that’s all I have this time around. I still have a Nana figure post I’m working on, so hopefully will have that out soon.

Until next time!


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