A photo of Priestess from the front, where we can see her curved bunny ears and her soft expression.

Goblin Slayer: Priestess

Bunny girl figures are pretty nice. Here, I talk about how I literally fell more into the rabbit hole with this 1/4 scale bunny girl figure of Priestess. Slight NSFW warning.

Some time in the latter half of last year, I watched the Goblin Slayer anime. It actually aired a few years back, but regrettably, I didn’t watch it then. Even though it touched upon some very dark, controversial topics, I did enjoy watching the series. As such, I would definitely recommend it, but do be mindful not to watch it around any kids. Now that I’m writing this, I’ll also have to read the original source material.

One of the main characters in this series is Onna Shinkan (女神官), also known as Priestess in English. Without going into too much detail, she is an innocent looking girl that wields a staff in order to cast miracles, and follows another main character called Goblin Slayer on his adventures. Throughout the duration of the anime, Priestess dawns a white robe and white boots with hints of blue and gold throughout.

Recently, her 1/4 scale bunny girl figure became available. Seeing a bunny girl outfit on Priestess was quite intriguing: I don’t expect an innocent character such as herself to be wearing such an erotic piece of clothing, but alas, here we are. Seeing that contrast of her character and the outfit in the product prototype, I decided to order her.

This time, I went to Amazon Japan. I kept my eye on the price over the course of two weeks, and ended up ordering her from a third party seller with positive reviews back in late October. There was some trouble from the third party seller finding additional stock for her, but after some back and forth with Amazon to sort things out, she came right before the end of the year. Having not ordered figures from them before, I set low expectations to avoid disappointing myself. The final price I paid for her was ~$380, including shipping and import fees. Price-wise, comparing with other similar 1/4 scale bunny girls, she was relatively cheaper, especially with the shipping charges in this current day and age of DHL price increases. 😂

That being said, Amazon’s international packaging this time around left a lot to be desired. Priestess’ box was placed in an Amazon box that was slightly bigger, and there was only two relatively smaller pieces of crumpled paper on two sides to keep her from sliding around in the shipping box. Luckily when she arrived, the Amazon box didn’t sustain any physical damage. If it did, then I think the inner box would have been a goner. I’ll say I lucked out on that.

Anyways, enough with that, below is what Priestess’ box looks like. Similar to Eureka’s box, there was no plastic window to let you take a glance at her on the inside. Seeing that she is also sitting on her butt, it is reflected in a shorter but fatter box.

Taking her out of the box and plastic moulding, we see Priestess in a white bunny suit, with her long blonde flowing hair. Her suit has blue tones, similar to her usual outfit. Her bunny ears are white on the outside, and blue on the inside. She sits on the ground with her right leg extended outwards, all while wearing the usual erotic black fishnets. Her right hand is positioned near the ground, and her left hand is near her face, helping bring out that shy expression of hers.

A full body shot of Priestess in her bunny suit.

Starting from the top, we have Priestess’ head. Her soft, shy expression radiates out from all angles which brings out her cuteness. From the side profile, we can see that her bunny ears are angled inwards towards the front. As mentioned earlier, there are hints of gold on her outfit, and this is visible on her collar piece, forearm cuffs, and wrist cuffs. One highlight of Priestess’ figure is the sculpting on her hair. The hair lines on her forehead are defined and clear, and we’ll also notice two pieces of hair coming down towards her shoulders and breasts on her front side. These details are something I really appreciate, so kudos to the great sculpt on the front. More on this in a little bit.

The sculptor also left hints of Priestess from her usual outfit. Aside from Priestess having her long, flowy blonde hair, her collar piece is exactly the same as the illustrations seen in the anime and, from a quick search, the manga. Additionally, she also dawns her recognizable blue bow ribbon, which holds her hair in place behind her head.

Moving downwards on her side profile, we see the rest of Priestess’ body. Priestess’ bunny suit is a nice glossy white. The glossiness is consistent with the other bunny girls, Veronica and Eureka, and is easily visible with light sources from different angles. One thing that is quite different from the other bunny girls I have is that since her suit is white, they opted to add a nice blue tint in various places, which I really like. It find it kind of helps make her pop out more. Hints of gold can be seen on the bottom edges of her bunny suit. Her bunny tail can be seen the side, where we’ll also notice the blue tint that is present throughout her outfit. Most importantly, we’ll see her fishnets that run from the bottom of her bunny suit all the way to her feet, which are truly erotic. On her feet, she’s also has two white, pointy heels, which are of similar style to Veronica’s.

While we see the usual “erotic”-ness of bunny girl figures (which, if you can’t figure out by now, I’ve kind of taken a liking for), one part of this figure that really stands out for me is the detailed sculpting of Priestess’ hair. This was pretty evident when I was taking her out of the box, as there were an abundance of protective plastic around the various tail pieces of her hair. Taking it off was a satisfying feeling, as the the shading really stood out with its more “orangey-yellow” tint. When you put her down and change up the lighting angles, it really brings out the volume (if that’s even the right term) and flowiness of her hair. I wish they did this on her bangs as well.

Different lighting to show the shading on Priestess’ hair.
Different lighting to show the shading on Priestess’ hair.

Overall, I really like how Priestess turned out. From the currently released figures I’ve seen of her, this one is my favourite. Even though she is never depicted in the anime with this kind of outfit, I think that this contrast helps capture her shy and slightly embarrassed charm in a unique way that I don’t really know how to explain. The sculpting and shading of her hair, especially at the back, is probably my favourite part about her, which is second to the nice glossy blue tint on her white bunny suit. Kudos to the sculptor, MA Zoukei-sensei, and colour producer Kanno Takashi-sensei.

Anyways, to end it off, I’ll leave you with some fun photos I took on the glass table. The reflections and various lighting angles were really fun to play with. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell I was doing, but I had fun taking them, and that’s all that really matters! 🙂 For my own sake, I will open Azuki very soon, as I have another Alter figure I have to pay for coming up in the next few days.

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