Summer Break: Day 29 – Anduleh in the house

DUH HARRO!  Today was such a chill day.  I woke up at 11:45AM, ate udon prepared by my grandma.  At 1:15PM, my brother was kind enough to drop me off at Henderson Place, where I chilled with Anduleh again.  We bought bubble tea again.  As usual, I got coffee milk tea with coconut jelly, and Andrew Li got milk tea with pearls.  I also played the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game on his iPad.  Didn’t finish the case, though.  At around 2PM, we headed back to my house, where we, again, played Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on “Five,” and I helped Andrew Li convert the Anime, “K-ON!!,” for his iPod touch 2G.  It was a fun day…although it was an epic fail.  We gamed over on round seven once.  The highest we got to today was round 19.  Andrew died, and I had a swarm of zombies following me.  I was doing well; I was rounding them all up, ‘nading and shooting them while running in a circle.  The sad thing was I died because I hit a shelf, which slowed me down and all the zombies surrounded me.  He left at around 6PM.  I took a shower at 6:45PM.  My family ate dinner at around 7PM.  Then, I went downstairs to my base once again, but instead of going my computer, I took a nap.  Later, I was woken up by Franklin Cokeng, who called my cell phone at 8:15PM.

He called to discuss cell phones.  He currently wants to get a cell phone back here at home, but wanted to know about the plans, so I helped him research.  We switched over to Skype and continued the call, while adding in Andrew Li for some feedback.  We both told him to get an Apple Peel.  For those of you who don’t know what an Apple Peel is, it’s basically a case for the iPod touch that adds the phone and SMS functionality.  It is the cheapest way to get an iPhone, without having to be locked into a contract.  Since I want one really badly, I told him to look around Taiwan and the Philippines.  There is a high chance that he will be able to find this Apple Peel.

Anyways, back to my day of events.  The conversation of phones continued on my cellphone (after 9PM), while I was helping my parents move things into our pantry, which was now ready to be used.  We also moved the table to our dining room to plan out the lighting scenario.  We figured out how we wanted our lights to be hanged so that we could tell the electrician that would be coming tomorrow.  After that, I came back downstairs to chill out and do some more Anime watching of K-ON!!, an Anime I started watching last year, but later dropped because I thought that one of the voice actors changed.  Anyways, now I’m tired…and I will be going to sleep.

Cheers, and look forward to more blogging…I guess…!


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