Summer Break: Day 26 – Grouse Grind

Today was a beautiful day.  It was nice and sunny with no clouds.  Today finally feels like summer, when compared to previous days, which were gloomy, and wet.  Anyways, despite sleeping really late last night, I had to wake up early at 7:45AM.  The reason: to get ready for the Grouse Grind!  For those of you who don’t know what the Grouse Grind is, it’s a steep trail located in North Vancouver.  Basically, you start at the bottom of the mountain, and hike all the way up to the top.  The last time I went would probably be last year, but I don’t remember.  Anyways, I went with my soccer team, which, today, consisted of three people: Derek Le, Arash Rahmani, and me.  Of course, my coach, Rick Findlater and Bernie Le came.  We met at Town Centre Park at 9AM, and then carpooled to the bottom of Grouse Mountain, where we started our hike.  I swear the album I downloaded yesterday, called,”EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST エクスタシーCOMPLETE BEST,” was my power album, because I got to the top of the mountain first, with a time of 45 minutes 15.1 seconds.  That was the fastest I’ve ever gone.  This was probably due to the fact that I was out at soccer academy last week.  Anyways, that made me feel really good.  I sat on a tree stump for about 13 minutes, until Arash came up.  We went to the washroom, and as we were about to walk down, my coach, Rick, shows up.  We were then told that Derek and Bernie had to go back down as Derek’s knees started hurting.  I hope he heals in time for the new soccer season.  We came back down shortly after on the gondola.  I was really sad, because that downhill ticket cost $10.  The last time I came, it only cost $5…QQ.  We went down, and headed home.  I have pictures to show later.  Anyways, I came back just in time to eat Dim Sum with my family at 12:45PM at Rainbow Butterfly in Port Coquitlam.  I ate a lot of food, probably due to the fact that I was really hungry after the run.  After lunch, I went home at around 2:30PM.  As I said earlier, it was a very sunny day.  The moment I walked into my room, it was so hot.  Sorry, let me rephrase that: it was hotter than usual, so I moved my pillow, blanket, computer, monitor, PS3, and the like downstairs to my basement.  I plan to make that my “base of operations” until my uncle comes and visits from Los Angeles next Tuesday (not this Tuesday).  Anyways, that took quite a while.  I managed to move everything down in about a hour and a half.  Of course, I took breaks in between, by playing Dance Dance Revolution, and listening to music.  Tired from the lack of sleep and the Grind, I took a shower at 4:30PM, and took a nap in my nice, cool (temperature-wise) basement (LOL).  At around 6:30PM, my mom came down and woke me up for food.  My father decided to have a barbeque outside, so I helped prepare…by bringing drinks out.  Actually, to be honest, I did nothing, really, to help.  My dad just told me to sit outside and wait for food.  I ate lamb, chicken breasts, sausages, and, best of all, a steak (mmhmm…good…).  After indulging in that greatly grilled food, my father asked me to check on our friend, Serena Ng’s house, which was up the street.  I took a walk to their house, checked their garage door to see if it was closed (as my dad went to cut their lawn today), and came back to eat some veggies.  When we finished-finished eating, it was around 8PM.  Afraid of the mosquitoes, I headed back inside, and back to my base, where I watched Kamisama no Memo-chou, a new summer Anime.  I found it quite interesting.  It’s something I can’t really describe with words.  Anyways, my future self can find this on a DVD somewhere, when this Anime completes.  My dad came down later, to check email, at around 10PM.  At that time, I played DDR to give him some space as I was occupying the entire desk with my laptop, PS3, monitor, and sound system.  At around 11PM, I started to blog, and found a remixed song from Far East Movement.  It’s called, “If I Was You (OMG),” originally by Far East Movement (known as FM), but remixed officially by Benny Benassi. Video below:

Anyways, that was all I did today. More blogging to be done later.


Edit:  I almost forgot about the photos up on Grouse Mountain:


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