Summer Break: Day 25 – Doing nothing…

Right now, I am too lazy.  Here’s my list of events:

  • Woke up at 9:30AM
  • Ate Maxim bread for breakfast, along with 1% milk
  • Tile guy came to start on back splash for kitchen
  • Went out with mom to buy grout for the tiles at 11AM
  • Came back at 12:15PM
  • Ate udon for lunch at 1PM
  • Began to rip the album, “EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST エクスタシーCOMPLETE BEST,” from YouTube at 1:30PM while playing Dance Dance Revolution
  • Began down-converting the album to from 192kbps to 128kbps at 3PM
  • Went to the new Walmart Supercentre in Port Coquitlam at 4PM
  • Came back home at around 6:15PM
  • Went out to Lucky Gate Restaurant (in Central Coquitlam) to eat dinner at 6:30PM
  • Came back home at around 8PM
  • Continued, and finished down-converting the above album at 8:05PM
  • Played Dance Dance Revolution at 9PM
  • Watched Die Hard (not sure which one) in 1080p at 10PM
  • Went to sleep at around 12AM

This is what I did today.  As you may have noticed, the last modified date for this post is at around 1:30AM on Monday, July 25, 2011.  This is because I was busy and did not have time to post this.  Anyways, more blogging later!



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