Summer Break: Day 24 – Chilling with my brother…again =D

Hello!  It’s Lui again (who else would it be…lol)!  Today was a fun day.  I woke up at 7:40AM: the usual for this week.  I ate breakfast and went to soccer academy, which was at 9AM.  Before I was able to leave my house, our kitchen countertops arrived, and the people working for the company “ATT Stoneworks” began to mount it on top of our cabinets.  I could not see this as I had to head out for soccer.  This session would be the last one this month…or this payment.  Time seemed to fly by so quickly, because when it ended, I thought there would be more.  Turns out it was already 11AM: way past our supposed ending time.  Anyways, my dad came to pick me up, along with my teammates, Derek Le and Hayden Findlater.  We dropped them off at home, and then I went home and started my no-so-clean reinstall of Windows XP.  By “no-so-clean,” I mean repairing the operating system without deleting any files.  Apparently this was possible, but I didn’t know until now.  While I got that up and running, I went and took a shower to cool myself off.  Immediately after that refreshing shower, my grandma had food ready: udon, veggies, and lean meat.  After enjoying my afternoon meal, I went back to my room and continued my reinstall of XP.  As that kept going, I listened to music, and began downloading Anime.  Today’s releases (PST time) that I downloaded were Ro-Kyu-Bu! episode 4, Fairy Tail episode 89, The iDOLM@STER episode 3, Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! episode 3, and Mayo Chiki episode 3.  Please note: I did not download all these episodes at the same time, as they did not come out at the same time.  While some episodes were downloading, I helped my brother clean the basement, as his friends, Kanish Marthur, Luc Poletto, and Zia Somjee came over to have drinks last night, and left cans on the table.  With that out of the way, my computer continued downloading, and I watched Mayo Chiki, as it was done downloading at around 2:40PM.  At 3:45PM, my brother and I left home for Henderson Place.  My brother wanted to drive, but could not as there was no car available.  Anyways, I said we went to Henderson Place.  I should not need to say what the purpose of that trip was for: to buy bread and bubble tea (LOL).  We got there at around 4:40PM, and I had coffee milk tea with pearls.  My mom came to Henderson soon after, bought groceries, and drove us home at 5:15PM.  I went back to watching Anime.  At 6:15PM, I helped my mom prepare soup for dinner.  At 6:30PM, dinner was served.  We had soy sauce chicken, steamed fish, and Gai Lan.  It was really good, other than the fact that we had to cook outside…and not inside…*sigh*.  Anyways, I managed to evade washing and drying dishes after dinner, as I helped with the preparations (I know…what kind of logic is that?!?…).  Between 7PM and 8PM, I was creating a “Merudaiyo!” message tone for my cell phone using audio from the Anime, “Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows).”  I don’t know how that took an hour…but it did.  See the end of the post for a download.  I listened to music from 8PM until 9PM in my basement.  At 9PM, I realized that I was really bored, so I started to play Dance Dance Revolution.  I made some achievements by being able to complete DoLL on Challenge, and Xepher on Heavy.  After engaging in DDR for over an hour and a half, I called it a day, went upstairs, drank milk, ate a mango, and started to blog, as my brother was heading for the shower.  I was tired and drenched in sweat.  I waited…for a bit.  I took a shower at around 11:40PM, but between 10:30PM and then was when I drank milk and ate the mango.  Anyways, right now it’s 12:30AM on the next day, and I don’t feel like blogging anymore, so I’m going to watch some Anime.

Time to blog some more later.

Today’s downloads:

  1. Merudaiyo!
  2. Merudaiyo! x3
  3. Merudaiyo! extended



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