Summer Break: Day 23 – A random day


Today was also a tough day.  I had soccer academy at 9AM today, and at night at 6:30PM.  I’m too lazy, so I’m going to list everything that I did today:

  • Woke up and ate breakfast at 7:40AM
  • Left home at 8:40AM
  • Soccer academy at 9AM until 11AM
  • Took a shower at 11:30AM
  • Ate lunch at 12PM.  Had Chinese sausage and rice, which was prepared by my grandma
  • Went to my room and began to re-watch Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn…again…
  • Ate more Chinese sausage and rice at 3:30PM
  • Continued to watch Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
  • Got ready for soccer at 6PM.
  • Left for soccer at 6:15PM
  • Soccer practice from 6:30PM until 8:20PM (went a bit over…)
  • Dropped off Andrew Li at home from soccer and got gas for car
  • Got home and ate dinner at 8:45PM.  Had food from Copa Cafe.
  • Took a shower at 9PM
  • Played with my desktop and f**ked it up (have to do a reinstall tomorrow…)
  • Played Dance Dance Revolution at 10:20PM (yes…10:20PM…)
  • Got ready for bed at around 10:55PM
  • Helped Andrew Li with converting Anime by “talking” him through everything on my cellphone.
  • Went to bed at around 11:15PM

And yep, that was my day.  Speaking of which, the Song of the Week for this week, which should have been posted a long time ago, is 真夏のフォトグラフ by azusa.  This is the ED (ending) song for the anime アスタロッテのおもちゃ!(Astarotte no Omocha [Astarotte’s Toy]).  I like it…so much…that it is currently at 278 plays in my iTunes library…and that excludes my other computers and cell phone plays.

Anyways, have a good day…LOL



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