The End of Summer 2010

Well, time has passed, and it’s soon time for me and others to get back in school.  Today is miserable, because it’s pouring rain outside.  Regardless of that, I am still heading out with my friends later to hang out.  Anyways, it’s time for me to reflect on my summer:

There were many things I did this summer, including, and not limited to:

  • Playing cards,
  • Having sleepovers,
  • Playing soccer tournaments,
  • Going on a Mexican cruise,
  • Visiting Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Going to the mall with friends,
  • Seeing fireworks in Vancouver,
  • Going to the beach,
  • Visiting relatives,
  • Eating out with friends and family,
  • Having BBQ’s,
  • Configuring my server,
  • …and much much more to put down.

This summer, I believe it was one of the best summers I have had.  The valuable time I spent with my friends, and the fun I had with my family won’t be forgotten.  Anyways, I have to get a move on now.  See you soon.


A Successful Unlock

I just feel like telling the whole world that I have successfully unlocked my Sony Ericsson W705.  I am now able to use worldwide SIM cards that support GSM 850, 900, 1800, and 1900.  Speaking of which, I am currently using an AT&T SIM card provided by my epic cousin who lent it to me for the week while my family and I are visiting in Los Angeles.  Anyways, I am having fun in Disneyland, so I will talk to you later!

A side note: The program that was used to unlock my Sony Ericsson was Omnius.  It works for other Sony Ericsson phones as well.


Vacation: Cruise Day 7 & 8

Today was the second last day of my cruise. We did the usual today as well. I went for breakfast at 9:30AM, and came back at 10AM. My brother was still sleeping. Next, at 10:30AM, I went outside to the pool deck and went in the hot tub for a bit. Even though it was a cloudy and cool day, I still went in the pool after the hot tub, and it was epic. After that, I headed back into my stateroom, where my brother was watching more Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. I took a shower and soon joined him. Lunch came, and we ate upstairs at the Windjammer. After our lunch, nothing much happened. We watched some anime, walked outside, went out to the captain’s bridge, attempted to play mini-golf, but failed, and had a light snack down at Cafè Promenade. We had dinner, after that, and watched another show. Then, the packing began. We didn’t really look forward to packing, because we really wanted to stay, but it happened. We packed, and left our bags outside for the crew members to carry onshore the next day. We watched a bit more of anime, and I decided to bring some food back from Cafè Promenade to my room. We watched some more, and then went to sleep.

The next day, we woke up at 7AM, and our bags were already unloaded. We headed downstairs to the dining room, where United States Immigration officers were. We filled in a declaration form, got it verified by the officer, and then headed straight for breakfast with the form. After that, we got all of our belongings that were still in our rooms, and disembarked from the ship. We found our bags, and handed our declaration forms to another officer. My uncle picked us up, and we headed for Disneyland.

This is where I stop blogging about my vacation. There is literally too much to talk about after that. I don’t even have the time to type everything else up. For now, it’s bye!


Vacation: Cruise Day 6

Today we are out at sea, heading back to Los Angeles, California. We have today and tomorrow to have fun. I woke up at around 9AM, called up my friend, Royce, and went to eat breakfast with him. I had the usual, and then after, headed back into my stateroom. Today was probably the day my brother, Royce, and I were really lazy. During the time between meals, we spent most of the time in our stateroom, playing Plants VS Zombies. At 12:15PM, we ate lunch at the dining hall. I had mushroom soup, a large salad that had everything picked by me, and Singapore noodles. We finished lunch at 1:30PM. We did manage to do something other than computing. That was a nice game of bingo. Too bad we didn’t win anything. There we cash prizes and a cruise for two. Bingo lasted for 30 minutes. After, we headed back and continued with…well, you know. Anyways, at 5:45PM, we prepared for our formal dinner. I got dressed in my suit, and soon headed down to the dining room, where I had puff pastry with mushrooms, a rack of lamb, chocolate ice cream, and coffee. After, we went and watched a show by Domenick Allen. It was called “It’s all about the Music.” It was a guy that could play multiple instruments, however, the spotlight was stolen from him when his drummer soloed. The drummer used everything around him to make different sounds for his beat, and everyone cheered. And there you have it: spotlight stolen. After, we came back to our room, and played more Plants VS Zombies. I beat the game, but I learned that the game could be replayed with more difficulty. I also watched some Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn before I went to bed.


Vacation: Cruise Day 5

Today, we arrived at our last stop in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta. The ship was docked at 7AM this morning, but I woke up at around 8:45AM. I was hungry, so I ditched my brother and got food for myself. After, I came back to my room and played some more Plants VS Zombies. I think this game is addicting (LOL). Anyways, we left the cruise ship at around 10AM, and got ourselves an EPIC tour guide who’s funny, outgoing, and basically…cool. He took us around Puerto Vallarta. We went up to a mountain top, where there was a nice view, and we took some photos. We also went to look at a naturally formed tunnel or arch in a large rock from far away. There were actually three tunnels in three rocks. They looked like buns. This arch or tunnel is not the one in Cabo San Lucas. Next, we headed off into the mountains, in a more remote area, to see how Mexicans make Taquilla organically, without any chemicals. That was pretty interesting, seeing the whole process. My dad bought a bottle after trying one. At around 1:45PM, or 3:45PM local time, we headed backwards, and stopped at a place with a nice view of a waterfall. Since it rained the day before, the water was murky and rapid. We ate some great Mexican food there. After an hour and a half, we headed back to the core of Puerto Vallarta, where we got time to look at a church, and to look around in the market. In the end, we weren’t able to buy anything, as the merchants didn’t really allow much price adjustments. At around 5PM, we went back to the cruise ship terminal, and my brother, Royce, and I boarded the ship with my dad’s backpack, because my dad was too lazy to carry it. This, in the end, made us wait until my dad boarded the ship, as there was Taquilla in his backpack, and we aren’t allowed to check it in as we are not of the drinking age. The delay caused us to rush and change for dinner. That night, we had **FILL IT IN**. It was great. After, we went back to our rooms, watched some more Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn and played a bit of Plants VS Zombies…again. At 9PM, we went to watch a show. When we came back to our room, we continued to play Plants VS Zombies until 1:30AM. It was then we decided to sleep.


Vacation: Cruise Day 4

Today, I woke up at 8AM to the sound of the captain indicating that we were docked by the port of Mazatlán, Mexico. I brushed my teeth, then went and ate breakfast with my brother and Royce. I ate exactly what I had yesterday morning. After filling up our stomachs, we headed to shore, where we encountered numerous people asking us, or practically EVERYBODY if they wanted to get a personal tour of the city in an air conditioned van for $20 per person. We ignored them and headed straight for the van taxis, which were also air conditioned for $10 per group, with a maximum of 15. This was perfect, and we headed over to the Golden Zone, where there were many interesting shops, a hotel with access to a beach, and restaurants. My dad and I immediately hit the beach, while my brother and everyone else walked around the streets. We rented a beach umbrella and chairs for $10 and ran into the ocean. I had fun smashing, jumping, swimming against, and swimming with the waves. At times, there were small waves, and then there were huge waves that would come out of nowhere. After enjoying playing for an hour and a half, we ate lunch in a hotel called “Las Flores”. That lasted until 1:30PM. I walked around the hotel after, and found a public computer, and went on Facebook for a bit. Since I didn’t have my laptop with me at the time, I wasn’t able to copy my blog entries for the past few days, along with this entry, to my website. I didn’t trust the computer too much, so I logged off and switched to using my cellphone with WiFi. I talked to my friends on MSN, but also logged off after a few minutes as I had to move away from a WiFi hotspot I found. At around 5PM, we took a taxi that was basically like a design of a golf caddy, except it could keep up with the flow of traffic. We got back to the ship at around 5:30PM. We changed and headed off to dinner at 6PM. I ate Caesar Salad, beef shoulder, and penne pasta. It was nice. Since there were no shows today, we went back to our room and started watching more anime, and played Plants VS Zombies on my laptop. At around 11:30PM, we went out to the swimming pool deck, where there was a dance party along with a late night buffet. That lasted for a while. We came back at around 12:15AM. I grabbed a coffee, and played some more Plants VS Zombies until 1:30AM. It was then I decided to go to sleep.


Vacation: Cruise Day 3

Today was the first of the three stops in Mexico. The cruise ship anchored in Cabo San Lucas, and we got ready at around 9:30AM. I went to Windjammer with my friend, Royce. My brother at the time was still sleeping, so we ditched him to fill up our stomachs. As usual, I had scrambled eggs, potato hashes, crispy bacon, and some French toast. Today, I also found miso soup. I had two bowls of the delicious soup that didn’t fit in with the rest of the food. Anyways, we hung out at my stateroom, watching more Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Before we knew it, lunch came by, and we headed right back to Windjammer and had more food. Since my brother woke up so late, he stuffed himself with a lot of food. At 1PM, we arrived and successfully anchored in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. People, like us had to rush to get tickets for tenders to take us to shore, as the dock in Cabo San Lucas was too small for a cruise ship (LOL). As we left the cruise ship for land, the heat immediately hit us as we walked out. We arrived at the pier, and took a tour of the place on a water taxi for $50, which covered our party of 7, plus another $7 ($1×7) for dock fee. We got to see the famous arch that was created in the cliff by nature, tropical fish, and more, while being given a description of everything. Since the weather was very nice and hot, we got off at a beach called “Lover’s Beach”. Ironically, there was also a “Divorce’s Beach” on the other side of the rock, which faced the Pacific Ocean. I swam in salt water and played with sand that was very different from Canadian beach sand. At 4:30PM, we hopped back on our tour boat, and headed back to the dock. We took a washroom break, and walked around the city. Feeling disconnected, I found WiFi networks that were open, and surfed the web for a bit, while walking around. That didn’t work too well, and I eventually gave up on surfing on my cellphone, and paid attention to everything happening around me in Cabo San Lucas. To be honest, we didn’t have enough time to enjoy everything this city has to offer. We had to get back on our cruise ship at 5:30PM to prepare for our dinner, which was at 6PM. Today was Italian food day, and we enjoyed wonderful food, while being entertained by our waiters with singing. Afterwards, we went to watch a show, which was by a group called the “Tribute to Temptation”. That was very good, with epic singing by 5 guys. There was great harmony. Nothing more to say about that. After, my brother and friend went for a run outside at 10:30PM. They ran for about 30 minutes, in which that time I went and got 3 ham and cheese croissants and a cup of coke. I went back to the jogging track, sat down and watched them run around and around. Immediately afterwards, they got a banana and some water, and all of us headed back to our rooms. Now, I am typing this, and feel like going to bed. I look forward to tomorrow’s port of call.


Cabo San Lucas
The beaches and hotels of Cobo San Lucas. The beaches are a great way to cool off.

Vacation: Cruise Day 2

Today, I woke up at 8:30AM. I headed over to a breakfast buffet at a restaurant called, “Windjammer”. Afterwards, I walked around the cruise ship. Feeling bored after walking, I headed back to my stateroom and changed into my swim shorts and headed out towards the pool. It was nice and sunny. I also went and stayed in the hot tub for a while as well. Since I had my drink card with me, I got myself some drinks while sitting in the hot tub. After, we went back to our stateroom, and took a shower. I headed down to eat lunch. We went back to our room afterwards. There was nothing really to do on the ship, because everything had long lines. We watched Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn to kill time. Soon, dinner came.  Since it was formal night, we had to get dressed in our suits.  When we went for dinner, I had a nice beef steak. We watched another show, which was a combination of singing and acting at the same time. It was alright. When it ended, it was around 10:15PM. We went and got some food to eat, along with tea and coffee. At 11PM, we headed upstairs to the sports deck to play some mini golf. I epic fail at mini golf. My brother ended with -2, my friend ended with ±0, and I ended with +3. After, we played 4 person ping pong with me, my brother, my friend, and another person on the ship. We also played some basketball by ourselves, as there weren’t many people out this late. In the end, we slept at 2AM.


Mini Golf
The mini golf area on Deck 13. It's very popular, so we played at night.
The Savoy Theatre
The Savoy Theatre, where we watched performances and shows. The overall entertainment was okay...

Vacation: Cruise Day 1

Today’s the day! My family and I are going to go on a Mexican cruise, which embarks in San Pedro. I will continue to blog throughout my vacation.

At 11:03AM, we start our decent to LA, where we board our cruise ship, Mariner of the Seas of Royal Caribbean. I was watching some Anime, such as Sora No Otoshimono and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, that I downloaded before my trip. Since we were now landing, I have to power off my laptop. At 1:30PM, I finally boarded the cruise ship. My stateroom is very nice and tidy. At 2:15PM, we went to eat lunch. The food here was not bad at all. There is a large variety of food, such as pasta, salad, and much more to name. Later on, at around 4:15PM, we attend a mandatory emergency drill. At 5PM, we are out on the outer decks, waving goodbye to Los Angeles, and are now on our way to Mexico. We lost track of time, and hurried back to our rooms, where we changed into more suitable clothing for dinner, such as jeans and a polo shirt. We go to our dining hall, which was, and still is, called “Top Hats and Tails,” where we were introduced to our waitress for the next 6 nights. The food that we individually ordered was pretty epic. They tasted really good and at the same time looked appetizing. After eating our dinner, at around 7:45PM, we went to watch a comedy show in the theater hall. It was pretty funny. Afterwards, we walked around the shops in the ship. As we did, we were entertained by fabulous musicians. At around 9:30PM, we took a break later at Cafè Promenade, where we had tea and coffee. We were tired, so we went to sleep.


Steak from Mexican Cruise
My steak I ate tonight. It includes chopped veggies and a baked potato.