Vacation: Cruise Day 4

Today, I woke up at 8AM to the sound of the captain indicating that we were docked by the port of Mazatlán, Mexico. I brushed my teeth, then went and ate breakfast with my brother and Royce. I ate exactly what I had yesterday morning. After filling up our stomachs, we headed to shore, where we encountered numerous people asking us, or practically EVERYBODY if they wanted to get a personal tour of the city in an air conditioned van for $20 per person. We ignored them and headed straight for the van taxis, which were also air conditioned for $10 per group, with a maximum of 15. This was perfect, and we headed over to the Golden Zone, where there were many interesting shops, a hotel with access to a beach, and restaurants. My dad and I immediately hit the beach, while my brother and everyone else walked around the streets. We rented a beach umbrella and chairs for $10 and ran into the ocean. I had fun smashing, jumping, swimming against, and swimming with the waves. At times, there were small waves, and then there were huge waves that would come out of nowhere. After enjoying playing for an hour and a half, we ate lunch in a hotel called “Las Flores”. That lasted until 1:30PM. I walked around the hotel after, and found a public computer, and went on Facebook for a bit. Since I didn’t have my laptop with me at the time, I wasn’t able to copy my blog entries for the past few days, along with this entry, to my website. I didn’t trust the computer too much, so I logged off and switched to using my cellphone with WiFi. I talked to my friends on MSN, but also logged off after a few minutes as I had to move away from a WiFi hotspot I found. At around 5PM, we took a taxi that was basically like a design of a golf caddy, except it could keep up with the flow of traffic. We got back to the ship at around 5:30PM. We changed and headed off to dinner at 6PM. I ate Caesar Salad, beef shoulder, and penne pasta. It was nice. Since there were no shows today, we went back to our room and started watching more anime, and played Plants VS Zombies on my laptop. At around 11:30PM, we went out to the swimming pool deck, where there was a dance party along with a late night buffet. That lasted for a while. We came back at around 12:15AM. I grabbed a coffee, and played some more Plants VS Zombies until 1:30AM. It was then I decided to go to sleep.



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