Earthquake Drill

Today we had an earthquake drill at school.  I expected it to be the usual.  My usual is we actually count out loud to 60, walk out silently without getting scolded by the teacher, and waiting quietly outside in a line.  That all changed today.  When prompted for the drill, we went under the desk, and counted, “1, 2, 3, 4, 59, 60!” and then headed outside in a mob, chatting like crazy.  Outside, our teacher, which at the time of the drill was Mr. Roque, made us do random things, like forming circles, sitting on each other’s laps, and more.  Surprisingly, sitting on each of our laps while in a circle worked!  Anyways, for the duration of the drill, we were chitchatting and doing absolutely nothing.  Others were also talking, running around, or listening to music.  There was not one bit of silence during the drill.  I found it kind of ironic, because an earthquake is an emergency.

Anyways, I’m tired, so I’m going to go sleep.  See ya later!


Soccer Game

Today I had a soccer game.  We played with an epic fail referee that was pretty much bias towards the other team.  Not only that, our goalie epic fails too.  The referee made me rage in silence.

The referee made a call that gave us the ball.  I heard my teammate swear because of a guy on the other team.  I told him to chill out, and said that if we “get a yellow card,” it would be “too much”.  The stupid referee thought that I was talking to him, and gave me a warning.  He said I was facing him, but in reality, I was facing my teammate with eye contact.  Usually, I am the type of guy that doesn’t talk out against the refs, but that referee just pissed me off. Luckily, I kept my cool.  Even my other teammates were like, “WTF…”  In the end, the game was tied 2-2.  We got scored on the last second, and then the ref “conveniently” ended the game.  That’s kind of odd.  “Thanks for nothing, you stupid referee.  You, too, goalie.  Don’t know where your team effort was there…” is what many of my teammates and I were thinking at the end of that game.  Cheap, bias referee, and useless goalkeeper.  The tie felt exactly just like a loss.

Anyways, now that I have that out of the way, I am now at home, doing nothing.  I have to go for dinner now, so I’ll blog later!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today was a typical day.  I woke up at 7: 20AM, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and ate coconut bread and drank milk for breakfast.  I then headed off to school, where I had Mandarin 9 in block 1.

Since today is the Mid-Autumn Festival for the Chinese (like me), our teacher gladly shared moon cakes with us.  They were good, especially because I got quite a bit of egg yolk.  I like the egg yolk.  It’s good.  Anyways, I had IB Science 9 in block 2.  I studied the Periodic Table of Elements, and we are getting quizzed on some of the names and symbols tomorrow.  I also learned the different rules of the symbols for the periodic table.  My teacher told me this:

Rule #1
The first letter of the Element is it’s symbol.  The letter must be capitalized.
eg: H = Hydrogen; Y = Yttrium; I = Iodine; B = Boron

Rule #2
IF the first letter of the Element is already being used, THEN add the second letter of the Element to the first one.  First letter is to be capitalized, while the rest are lowercase.
eg: Fr = Francium; Ra = Radium; La = Lanthanum; Ta = Tantalum

Rule #3
IF the first and second letter of the Element is taken, THEN drop the second letter and add the third letter of the Element.  First letter is to be capitalized, while the rest are lowercase.
eg: Hf = Hafnium; Tc = Technetium; Mn = Manganese

Rule #4
Same rules as Rule #2, except in Latin.
eg: Au = Gold; Ag = Silver; Hg = Mercury

This is how the people back then sorted the Elements.

During lunch time, I worked on my Mandarin 9 and IB Science 9 homework.  Got it all done.  I also picked up my portrait photos for the grade 9 year.  I look pretty hilarious.

Next block was Photography 9.  We had to take photos at different angles.  I found that boring…

The block after was Info Tech 9.  That was okay.  I had to help people in my class, which was alright.  I find that some of these people just don’t really pay attention in class.  Anyways, that was that.

When my last block ended, I immediately rushed to the bus stop, where I got on the bus without waiting.  I was home at 3:45PM.  I ate noodles, and played a bit of Combat Arms.  That lasted for like 30 minutes, in which I started working on Chinese homework.  I left at around 5PM for soccer practice at Charles Best Secondary School, and came back home at like 7:30PM.  No, I didn’t have a 2 1/2 hour soccer practice.  A bit of that time was commuting and refueling time.  I came home to a nice dinner that my grandmother prepared.  It was vegetables, pan-fried salmon, and minced meat with beans.  It was delicious.

This leads up to basically now.  I am currently still working on Chinese homework.  Luckily, I did most of my homework at school.  Later, at around 10:15PM or so, I will be having moon cakes.  I look forward to that.  For now, that’s all I have to say.

I look forward to blogging every single day.  It lets me say everything that I want to say.


Me and My Random Things I Talk About

I am blogging today because I feel like it.  I just like to get things off my mind by blogging.

I have moved my server up to my room, where there is no cable outlet, however, I can still get internet to my server.  And no, I am not using a wireless USB dongle.  I have connected an Ethernet cable to my server, which runs to my spare router, which then is connected to my laptop, which then transmits back to my main router, where there is internet.  Sound complicated? Yeah, it is.  I would use a wireless USB dongle if I could configure it.  I am, at the moment, too busy to configure it, so the router and Ethernet cables are just my temporary setup.  Random, isn’t it?  Yes, I argee.

Secondly, I have no homework, other than my Chinese school homework.  What a surprise…not.

I think I am done blogging for today.


On a side note: I like my network configuration, no joke.


Today is what I could, and would call a usual day.  My workload is alright.  I only have Mandarin 9 homework.  It’s not really that hard to do though.  All I have to do is copy out Chinese characters over and over again, which I have done so much of before.  I can thank learning Cantonese for that.  Speaking of Cantonese, I am resuming Chinese school tomorrow.  I look forward to that, and I am not being sarcastic.

Anyways, the reason I am blogging right now is basically to kill time and to see this in a few years.  Yes, I do look back at all my blog posts.  I plan on making blog posts more frequently from now on, maybe once or twice per week.

Today, I was woken up by my alarm clock at 7:20AM, playing songs by my favourite artist at the moment, which was, and still is Kagamine Rin and Len (鏡音リン・レン).

For those who don’t know who they are, they are virtual singers that can sing anything in Japanese…perfectly.  They will never get a note wrong, or sound even off pitch.  Songs are created using a program called VOCALOID2.  This program is purchased and can be written by anyone who has knowledge of Japanese.  Since I am currently learning Mandarin, I can’t really understand this program, but I’ve played around with it as there was a hack that enabled others to read it in English.  Anyways, this means that there are unlimited number of songs that can be written, or rather, composed.  Kagamine Rin and Len (鏡音リン・レン) are in the series of VOCALOID2, and are the second ones.  The first one that came out for this series was Hatsune Miku (初音ミク).  I like her, too.  There are other singers in the VOCALOID2 series, but I like these two the best.  Songs that I recommend listening to are:

  • “Light Song” by “Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)” in album “Re:package”.
  • “Packaged” by “Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)” in album “Re:package”.
  • “Meltdown” by “Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン)” in unknown album.
  • “magnet” by “Kagamine Rin and Len (鏡音リン・レン)” in unknown album.
  • “ジェミニ” or English title “Gemini” by “Kagamine Rin and Len (鏡音リン・レン)” in unknown album.

Of course, there are too many other songs to name.  Theses are just some I like to listen to.  As I said before, there are unlimited possibilities to making songs by these virtual singers.  You can find these songs using Google or YouTube.  Now, back to my day.

I woke up at 7:20AM, ate breakfast, and was driven to school by my dad.  I arrived at school at 8:15AM, just 15 minutes before my first class.  My first class was Mandarin 9.  I have homework, as stated above.  Next block was IB Science 9.  I felt like I did absolutely nothing in class.  I sat beside a jackass.  I’m sure my older self, in a couple of years will know what I’m talking about.  For the first 20 minutes of class, our S.O.A.R. leaders (and I forget what that acronym stands for, but I know it is about leadership) came in and just made us play a game.  I found it kind of funny and retarded playing a game in class.  I believe I have learned very little in this class, and this doesn’t just come from me.  My other friends that are taking IB Socials 9 and IB English 9 all say that that is an easy class.  My korean friend, Jenny Kim, states that she “will not learn anything” and will “fail the final exam” for IB Science 9.  At the moment, I frankly agree with her.  I feel the exact same as her, but yet my parents tell me it’s okay, and my parents tell me that we don’t learn that much in Science 9.  Anyways, I had band in block 3 (AKA lunch).  We sight read some songs.  One notable thing that I accomplished in band was that I was the last person still able to produce an audible note with an instrument.  I felt pretty good about that.  For those who don’t know what instrument I play, I play the Alto Saxophone.  Moving on to my fourth block, I had Photography 9.  I had to hand in an assignment with 3 photos that were taken using Timer Priority.  The effect that needed to be demonstrated was to make the subject blurred and the background clear, to make the subject and background clear, and to make the subject clear and the background blurred.  I somewhat achieved it.  To be honest, this was actually quite difficult to get right.  Anyways, I had an Information Technology Quiz next block, which I felt I aced.  For the rest of class, we worked on formatting a Microsoft Word document, in a form of a music project.  I am almost finished the project.  When class ended, I rushed off to my locker and ran to the bus stop.  I managed to catch the bus, and ended up being home at around 3:40PM, which I find is still quite early, based on the location of my school.

That was my day today.  I might go outside and play frisbee or something with my friends later on in the evening, although daylight is getting shorter and shorter everyday.  That’s all I have to talk about today.  See you another time!


High School…

This year, I am finally in secondary, or high school.  I go to Port Moody Secondary School, which is quite far away from my house.  To commute to and from school, I take British Columbia’s epic fail transit system.

The average wait time for a bus this week and last week: 4 buses = 35 minutes.  Comparing this to my visit to Hong Kong, this is basically an epic fail.  We lack a lot of things in our transit system.  It’s about time that there be double decker buses in the busy areas of our transit system.  Our train stations and trains need to be much longer so that we don’t have to be crammed.  This might attract more riders.  Right now, if I had a choice between taking transit and walking home, I would rather walk home.  Note that I ride the bus because my parents want me to.  I don’t mind, but the wait is way too long.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  If I had to describe my school right now with one word, it would be: boring.  When I say that, I mean it.  There is absolutely nothing to do at that school.  During lunch, there is absolutely nothing to do.  I pass time by listening to music and eating.  I hang out with my friends, but there really isn’t anything fun to do.  That should change soon, though.

The course that I find retarded is IB Science 9.  My teacher’s name is Mr. Roque (pronounced like a “rock”).  He is the absolute most hilarious teacher at this school, I believe.  Saying this, he is also the teacher that I feel I learn very little from.  This is when I compare my Mandarin 9 teacher, Mr. Ip, with him.  I like my Mandarin 9 teacher.  Although he writes Simplified Chinese, which, by the way, I really, really hate, he still is a nice guy that gives us homework.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot from him this past week.

Luckily, at the moment, I have no homework, but I expect to get homework later on.  We’ll that’s all I feel like talking about right now.  See you later.