Me and My Random Things I Talk About

I am blogging today because I feel like it.  I just like to get things off my mind by blogging.

I have moved my server up to my room, where there is no cable outlet, however, I can still get internet to my server.  And no, I am not using a wireless USB dongle.  I have connected an Ethernet cable to my server, which runs to my spare router, which then is connected to my laptop, which then transmits back to my main router, where there is internet.  Sound complicated? Yeah, it is.  I would use a wireless USB dongle if I could configure it.  I am, at the moment, too busy to configure it, so the router and Ethernet cables are just my temporary setup.  Random, isn’t it?  Yes, I argee.

Secondly, I have no homework, other than my Chinese school homework.  What a surprise…not.

I think I am done blogging for today.


On a side note: I like my network configuration, no joke.


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