Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today was a typical day.  I woke up at 7: 20AM, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and ate coconut bread and drank milk for breakfast.  I then headed off to school, where I had Mandarin 9 in block 1.

Since today is the Mid-Autumn Festival for the Chinese (like me), our teacher gladly shared moon cakes with us.  They were good, especially because I got quite a bit of egg yolk.  I like the egg yolk.  It’s good.  Anyways, I had IB Science 9 in block 2.  I studied the Periodic Table of Elements, and we are getting quizzed on some of the names and symbols tomorrow.  I also learned the different rules of the symbols for the periodic table.  My teacher told me this:

Rule #1
The first letter of the Element is it’s symbol.  The letter must be capitalized.
eg: H = Hydrogen; Y = Yttrium; I = Iodine; B = Boron

Rule #2
IF the first letter of the Element is already being used, THEN add the second letter of the Element to the first one.  First letter is to be capitalized, while the rest are lowercase.
eg: Fr = Francium; Ra = Radium; La = Lanthanum; Ta = Tantalum

Rule #3
IF the first and second letter of the Element is taken, THEN drop the second letter and add the third letter of the Element.  First letter is to be capitalized, while the rest are lowercase.
eg: Hf = Hafnium; Tc = Technetium; Mn = Manganese

Rule #4
Same rules as Rule #2, except in Latin.
eg: Au = Gold; Ag = Silver; Hg = Mercury

This is how the people back then sorted the Elements.

During lunch time, I worked on my Mandarin 9 and IB Science 9 homework.  Got it all done.  I also picked up my portrait photos for the grade 9 year.  I look pretty hilarious.

Next block was Photography 9.  We had to take photos at different angles.  I found that boring…

The block after was Info Tech 9.  That was okay.  I had to help people in my class, which was alright.  I find that some of these people just don’t really pay attention in class.  Anyways, that was that.

When my last block ended, I immediately rushed to the bus stop, where I got on the bus without waiting.  I was home at 3:45PM.  I ate noodles, and played a bit of Combat Arms.  That lasted for like 30 minutes, in which I started working on Chinese homework.  I left at around 5PM for soccer practice at Charles Best Secondary School, and came back home at like 7:30PM.  No, I didn’t have a 2 1/2 hour soccer practice.  A bit of that time was commuting and refueling time.  I came home to a nice dinner that my grandmother prepared.  It was vegetables, pan-fried salmon, and minced meat with beans.  It was delicious.

This leads up to basically now.  I am currently still working on Chinese homework.  Luckily, I did most of my homework at school.  Later, at around 10:15PM or so, I will be having moon cakes.  I look forward to that.  For now, that’s all I have to say.

I look forward to blogging every single day.  It lets me say everything that I want to say.



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