Soccer Game

Today I had a soccer game.  We played with an epic fail referee that was pretty much bias towards the other team.  Not only that, our goalie epic fails too.  The referee made me rage in silence.

The referee made a call that gave us the ball.  I heard my teammate swear because of a guy on the other team.  I told him to chill out, and said that if we “get a yellow card,” it would be “too much”.  The stupid referee thought that I was talking to him, and gave me a warning.  He said I was facing him, but in reality, I was facing my teammate with eye contact.  Usually, I am the type of guy that doesn’t talk out against the refs, but that referee just pissed me off. Luckily, I kept my cool.  Even my other teammates were like, “WTF…”  In the end, the game was tied 2-2.  We got scored on the last second, and then the ref “conveniently” ended the game.  That’s kind of odd.  “Thanks for nothing, you stupid referee.  You, too, goalie.  Don’t know where your team effort was there…” is what many of my teammates and I were thinking at the end of that game.  Cheap, bias referee, and useless goalkeeper.  The tie felt exactly just like a loss.

Anyways, now that I have that out of the way, I am now at home, doing nothing.  I have to go for dinner now, so I’ll blog later!



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