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This year, I am finally in secondary, or high school.  I go to Port Moody Secondary School, which is quite far away from my house.  To commute to and from school, I take British Columbia’s epic fail transit system.

The average wait time for a bus this week and last week: 4 buses = 35 minutes.  Comparing this to my visit to Hong Kong, this is basically an epic fail.  We lack a lot of things in our transit system.  It’s about time that there be double decker buses in the busy areas of our transit system.  Our train stations and trains need to be much longer so that we don’t have to be crammed.  This might attract more riders.  Right now, if I had a choice between taking transit and walking home, I would rather walk home.  Note that I ride the bus because my parents want me to.  I don’t mind, but the wait is way too long.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  If I had to describe my school right now with one word, it would be: boring.  When I say that, I mean it.  There is absolutely nothing to do at that school.  During lunch, there is absolutely nothing to do.  I pass time by listening to music and eating.  I hang out with my friends, but there really isn’t anything fun to do.  That should change soon, though.

The course that I find retarded is IB Science 9.  My teacher’s name is Mr. Roque (pronounced like a “rock”).  He is the absolute most hilarious teacher at this school, I believe.  Saying this, he is also the teacher that I feel I learn very little from.  This is when I compare my Mandarin 9 teacher, Mr. Ip, with him.  I like my Mandarin 9 teacher.  Although he writes Simplified Chinese, which, by the way, I really, really hate, he still is a nice guy that gives us homework.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot from him this past week.

Luckily, at the moment, I have no homework, but I expect to get homework later on.  We’ll that’s all I feel like talking about right now.  See you later.



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