Vacation: Cruise Day 3

Today was the first of the three stops in Mexico. The cruise ship anchored in Cabo San Lucas, and we got ready at around 9:30AM. I went to Windjammer with my friend, Royce. My brother at the time was still sleeping, so we ditched him to fill up our stomachs. As usual, I had scrambled eggs, potato hashes, crispy bacon, and some French toast. Today, I also found miso soup. I had two bowls of the delicious soup that didn’t fit in with the rest of the food. Anyways, we hung out at my stateroom, watching more Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Before we knew it, lunch came by, and we headed right back to Windjammer and had more food. Since my brother woke up so late, he stuffed himself with a lot of food. At 1PM, we arrived and successfully anchored in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. People, like us had to rush to get tickets for tenders to take us to shore, as the dock in Cabo San Lucas was too small for a cruise ship (LOL). As we left the cruise ship for land, the heat immediately hit us as we walked out. We arrived at the pier, and took a tour of the place on a water taxi for $50, which covered our party of 7, plus another $7 ($1×7) for dock fee. We got to see the famous arch that was created in the cliff by nature, tropical fish, and more, while being given a description of everything. Since the weather was very nice and hot, we got off at a beach called “Lover’s Beach”. Ironically, there was also a “Divorce’s Beach” on the other side of the rock, which faced the Pacific Ocean. I swam in salt water and played with sand that was very different from Canadian beach sand. At 4:30PM, we hopped back on our tour boat, and headed back to the dock. We took a washroom break, and walked around the city. Feeling disconnected, I found WiFi networks that were open, and surfed the web for a bit, while walking around. That didn’t work too well, and I eventually gave up on surfing on my cellphone, and paid attention to everything happening around me in Cabo San Lucas. To be honest, we didn’t have enough time to enjoy everything this city has to offer. We had to get back on our cruise ship at 5:30PM to prepare for our dinner, which was at 6PM. Today was Italian food day, and we enjoyed wonderful food, while being entertained by our waiters with singing. Afterwards, we went to watch a show, which was by a group called the “Tribute to Temptation”. That was very good, with epic singing by 5 guys. There was great harmony. Nothing more to say about that. After, my brother and friend went for a run outside at 10:30PM. They ran for about 30 minutes, in which that time I went and got 3 ham and cheese croissants and a cup of coke. I went back to the jogging track, sat down and watched them run around and around. Immediately afterwards, they got a banana and some water, and all of us headed back to our rooms. Now, I am typing this, and feel like going to bed. I look forward to tomorrow’s port of call.


Cabo San Lucas
The beaches and hotels of Cobo San Lucas. The beaches are a great way to cool off.

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