Vacation: Cruise Day 2

Today, I woke up at 8:30AM. I headed over to a breakfast buffet at a restaurant called, “Windjammer”. Afterwards, I walked around the cruise ship. Feeling bored after walking, I headed back to my stateroom and changed into my swim shorts and headed out towards the pool. It was nice and sunny. I also went and stayed in the hot tub for a while as well. Since I had my drink card with me, I got myself some drinks while sitting in the hot tub. After, we went back to our stateroom, and took a shower. I headed down to eat lunch. We went back to our room afterwards. There was nothing really to do on the ship, because everything had long lines. We watched Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn to kill time. Soon, dinner came.  Since it was formal night, we had to get dressed in our suits.  When we went for dinner, I had a nice beef steak. We watched another show, which was a combination of singing and acting at the same time. It was alright. When it ended, it was around 10:15PM. We went and got some food to eat, along with tea and coffee. At 11PM, we headed upstairs to the sports deck to play some mini golf. I epic fail at mini golf. My brother ended with -2, my friend ended with ±0, and I ended with +3. After, we played 4 person ping pong with me, my brother, my friend, and another person on the ship. We also played some basketball by ourselves, as there weren’t many people out this late. In the end, we slept at 2AM.


Mini Golf
The mini golf area on Deck 13. It's very popular, so we played at night.
The Savoy Theatre
The Savoy Theatre, where we watched performances and shows. The overall entertainment was okay...

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