More Summer Fun…Maybe…

Well, here I am again.  I am sitting in front of my computer and thinking of what to type.  Right now, I am really bored.  There is really nothing to do outside, because it’s hot, sunny, and my friends are busy.  Yesterday was a pretty good day for watching fireworks in Vancouver.  Everything was perfect, along with the fireworks display.  Right now, I am preparing for a fantastic cruise soon.  During my time on my cruise, I will be blogging offline.  When I get back, I will post them up on my blog.

That’s all for now!


I’m Bored…

It’s summer, and yes, I’m bored.  I stay at home, doing nothing but playing on my computer and typing this.  I am currently double-tasking: playing Mabinogi by Nexon™ and blogging.  Today is especially boring, because my good friends are busy, and I’m home relaxing, but I look forward to Friday, when I head over to my friend’s house for a sleepover.  I am now going to continue my relaxation.  Until next time, have a great summer, and don’t be a lazy bum like me (just kidding, because it’s summer)!



At last, it’s summer.  Outside, it is currently 30 degrees Celsius, but right now, I am typing this in my basement.  It’s really nice and cool.  Summer has just started, but usually, when you are having fun, such as playing outside with friends, time flies by quickly.

On another note, I am getting hooked into Anime.  Anime that I enjoyed include: Angel Beats!, Clannad, and Clannad After Story.  In other words, they are Anime that I watched…and also liked A LOT.  I am, and will continue to watch more Anime series.  A good Anime site would be  It features the latest Anime series, and past series, all available for you to watch.  Anyways, I’m going now.

Peace! xD