Vacation: Cruise Day 6

Today we are out at sea, heading back to Los Angeles, California. We have today and tomorrow to have fun. I woke up at around 9AM, called up my friend, Royce, and went to eat breakfast with him. I had the usual, and then after, headed back into my stateroom. Today was probably the day my brother, Royce, and I were really lazy. During the time between meals, we spent most of the time in our stateroom, playing Plants VS Zombies. At 12:15PM, we ate lunch at the dining hall. I had mushroom soup, a large salad that had everything picked by me, and Singapore noodles. We finished lunch at 1:30PM. We did manage to do something other than computing. That was a nice game of bingo. Too bad we didn’t win anything. There we cash prizes and a cruise for two. Bingo lasted for 30 minutes. After, we headed back and continued with…well, you know. Anyways, at 5:45PM, we prepared for our formal dinner. I got dressed in my suit, and soon headed down to the dining room, where I had puff pastry with mushrooms, a rack of lamb, chocolate ice cream, and coffee. After, we went and watched a show by Domenick Allen. It was called “It’s all about the Music.” It was a guy that could play multiple instruments, however, the spotlight was stolen from him when his drummer soloed. The drummer used everything around him to make different sounds for his beat, and everyone cheered. And there you have it: spotlight stolen. After, we came back to our room, and played more Plants VS Zombies. I beat the game, but I learned that the game could be replayed with more difficulty. I also watched some Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn before I went to bed.



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