Summer Break: Day 40 – Locally chilling…(^_^)…BBQ!


Today was a more “local” day.  The furthest we went today was to Costco in Port Coquitlam.  Anyways, my day started with me waking up at around 9:30AM.  I went downstairs, ate something (I forgot what I ate…sad…) and drank a glass of milk.  Soon after that, at around 11:30PM, we left for Costco to do some shopping, as Mason, Jessie, Uncle Toto, and Aunt Elaine were coming over to BBQ with us in the evening.  The first thing we did when we walked in was eat.  My dad bought me some chicken strips and fries.  It was okay…but so fattening.  At Costco, we bought meat, mushrooms, vegetables, honey, and other good stuff.

At around 2:45PM, we went to Home Depot, which was right beside Costco, to buy some new locks.  Our locks have become old, and it was time to replace them.  Sadly, this costed over $100 to buy 2 sets of deadbolts and door knobs.  Anyways, before we even purchased them, we took over 10 minutes looking at which brand of locks we wanted.  There was a cheap set of 2 deadbolts and 2 door knobs for $35, but we decided not to buy them because it was a Grade 3 lock, when the locks we bought were Grade 1 locks, a significantly better grade.

By the time we bought it, the time was 3:15PM.  We headed back home, and we were welcomed by Mason, Jessie, and Aunt Elaine, who arrived 30 minutes before we got home (and did NOT get in by picking the lock, but rather knocked on the door, and my grandma answered).  Eager to test out these new locks, I started removing the old lock.  I was scolded by my father because he didn’t want to do it yet, but Uncle Jimmy helped us out.

We, or rather, I started taking apart the lock on my front door at 3:30PM.  My uncle helped, and we noticed that the deadbolt had a rectangular plate, but my old deadbolt had a circular plate.  We decided that we needed to cut a little slot so that the plate could fit flat on the side of the door.  Unfortunately, halfway through this, we noticed that there were interchangable rectangular and circular plates.  We filled the beginning of what we cut with wood filler, and proceeded onwards.  After finishing the deadbolt, we tested it, and noticed that it did not close properly, so we had to cut a little bit of wood out of the hole where the deadbolt would sit when the door is closed.  After that, we tested, and it worked.  Now, it was time to change the door knob.  That took 10 minutes.  It was not as difficult as the deadbolt.  Anyways, I gave up halfway, and fell asleep on the tile floor near the stairs (I think taking a nap is a better way of putting it…xD).  My father woke me up at 4:20PM, and I helped with the next set of locks by the garage.  That set of locks took 10 minutes to install…5x faster than before (which was probably due to the fact we did not need to read the instructions again, and didn’t need to cut anything).

We had difficulties when replacing the lock.  The old deadbolts that were inserted were SO hard to remove.  We needed to use strength in order to make the deadbolt come out, and then used pliers to yank them out.

Anyways, I was exhausted by the end of this.  I sat on my sofa for 30 minutes, staring at the HDTV, which was currently being used to play LittleBigPlanet by my cousins (Mason, Jessie, and Jasmine).

The BBQ started at around 5:45PM.  We all helped set up, except my brother, who had to go work.  The BBQ consisted of us eating lamb, sausages, garlic bread, mushrooms, steak, chicken wings, and more food (I can’t remember; there was a lot).  I got fat, too, because I drank a coke, a Vita lemon tea, and a Vita soya milk.

After that, Mason, Jessie, Timothy, and I listened to some music in the other living room.  After that, we decided to play some Wii.  At first, we played Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人).  That was for 30 minutes or so.  At around 8PM, Uncle Toto arrived from his fishing trip.  We then played Wii Party.  Since I only had two controllers, I was limited to a certain number of games, but it was still fun.  We played for 2.5 hours, and at around 10:30PM, they [the Lee’s] had to leave.  It was fun having them over though.

Since I was very tired, I do not remember what I did after this.  It should have something do with my computer, though.  It would be either downloading music, watching Anime, or the similar.  Anyways, I know I went to sleep at around 1:45AM.

And with that, this entry is done…LOL.  More blogging to be done later!


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