Summer Break: Day 39 – Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Sushi Town…=D


Today was another regular day.  I was awoken by the sound of our contractor, Zarko, who came to do more minor touch ups on our kitchen.  I came down at around 9:45AM, and noticed that everyone except my grandma, my mom, and my dad were still sleeping.  Seeing that, and Zarko working, I headed back upstairs to check on my computer.  I also began to download more iDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 2 albums online from NyaaTorrents, my favourite destination for East Asian anime stuff (for the past year).  When I began downloading, I headed downstairs, and was greeted by my uncle, aunt and cousins, who were awoken by the noise.  There were conversations, so I went back upstairs, got Call of Duty: Black Ops, and started playing on my 55″ HDTV downstairs.  I had some fail moments, but it was fun.

At around 12:30PM, my grandma was getting a bit hungry, so everyone in my house, except for my mom, dad, and our contractor, left for Copa Cafe.  I got myself a 沙嗲牛肉炒河 (Satay Beef on Thick Rice Noodle) with lemon tea (instead of my usual coffee milk tea).  Since there were 7 of us (my uncle, my aunt, my grandma, my brother, my two cousins, and me), we shared our dishes with each other.  They were all very good (yes, what a great description, I know…).

Coming back home at around 1:45, we did our own things.  I played some Dance Dance Revolution, while my brother was upstairs playing MapleStory, and Timothy was on his computer doing his own thing (maybe even MapleStory =D).  I think Jasmine was playing on her NDS.  The adults in the house sparked another conversation.  We did this until around 3PM, when we decided to head out on another trip.  This time, it was to Metrotown and Crystal Mall.  We got to Metrotown at around 3:30PM.  We did some window shopping, and paid a visit to the dollar store and Urban Behavior.  After those two shops, we headed over to Crystal Mall, where we did some window shopping.  When we were done with that, we headed back to Metrotown, and back home.  We got back at around 6:15PM.

We left for dinner at 6:40PM, which was Sushi Town.  It was so depressing, because we ate $105 worth of sushi…but it was so good…so I guess it kind of evens out.  Anyways, we got a party tray, California rolls, Awesome rolls, miso soup, tempura, and other stuff.  Mmhmm, mmhmm…=D.

After that, we went and filled up our cars with gas, and headed back home.  At home, we watched another movie called “Source Code.”  I found it quite similar to Inception.  Anyways, it was alright.  After that, I started to down-convert the iDOLM@STER albums I downloaded in the morning.

There’s nothing more I did after that.  I just chilled, and now I’m tired.

More blogging later!


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