Summer Break: Day 38 – Richmond Night Market


Today was a fun day.  I woke up at 9:15AM to find both my parents gone for work.  I went downstairs to eat some breakfast.  I had a pineapple BBQ pork bun.  My uncle was awake, and he started watching a movie called, “Unstoppable,” so I joined him as well.  My cousin, Timothy, also joined in, and so did my brother, 17 minutes in.  My other cousin, Jasmine, watched with us as well.  Overall, I thought it was an okay movie, although I honestly suck with rating movies.  Anyways, upon finishing the movie, we prepared to leave the house for another day trip.

At 11:30, we left to go to Forest Lawn in Burnaby to pay our respects to our grandfather (on my mom’s side, or my uncle’s father).  After we paid our respects, we headed over to Oakridge Centre in West Vancouver, which is still Vancouver, to walk around and have lunch.  I had lunch at Tim Hortons in the food court, and had a chili combo.  Indulging in that tasty food (that was way too expensive), we walked around the mall for a while.  At around 3PM, we went to Steveston in Richmond, which is by the sea side, to walk around.  During our walk, we looked a fresh seafood on the Fishermen’s Wharf and ate ice cream and onion rings.

After having that nice, tasty snack, we left to go window shopping at Parker Place, which we visited 2 days ago.  Of course, we did not buy anything, but it was fun looking at stuff.  Oh, never mind, I lied.  I forgot that we bought BBQ (I think roasted) pork, which we ate as a snack at 5:45PM.  It was good…very good.  It was nice and crunchy.

After another great snack, we headed over to Lansdowne Centre to have our dinner, or as my uncle liked to called it, another “snack” before our other snacks at the Richmond Night Market.  Anyways, we went to Number 9 to eat our lunch.  We tried to order something on the small side, but everything we ordered turned out to be bigger than we expected it to be.  I guess that’s what we get for usually expecting, or rather, wanting more food.

Anyways, we ended up not finishing our “snack,” so we boxed it up, and headed for the night market at around 7:30PM.  We arrived at around 7:45PM, and started walking around, looking at the stuff they sold.  There were lots of iPhone 4 and iPod touch cases.  Other things included: wax spray for your car (which is there every year…), small electronic gadgets (such as bluetooth headsets, cables, wall plugs, etc.), personal accessories, and clothing.  Actually, there’s probably more than that.  That was just a glimpse of what I saw.  There was way more than that.

At around 9:30PM, we went to the food section of the market to actually buy some good food, which ended up being the fourth snack of the day.  My uncle was, again, very kind to buy me and my brother bubble tea.  Instead of getting the usual coffee milk tea with pearls, I got mango black tea with pearls.  It was very good.  My aunt also bought spicy octopus and a curled potato.  They were good as well.  We left at around 10:05PM, and headed for home.  When we got home, we just did our own thing until bedtime.  For me, that watching Anime.  I began to download Fairy Tail episode 91 and Ro-Kyu-Bu! episode 7.  I took a shower while that was happening.  By the time I got out, it was all done and ready for me to watch.  I watched both, and by the time I finished, it was almost 2AM.

Now I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep now!

More blogging to do later!


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