Summer Break: Day 19 – Japan Wins Women’s Fifa World Cup 2011!


Well, as the title of this post suggests, Japan WINS the Women’s Fifa World Cup of 2011 in the finals against the United States.  Words can’t describe how happy I was for the Japanese team, as their country as suffered a lot in the past year with the earthquake and tsunami.  My condolences go out to the families that were affected by it.  I, with a Chinese background, love the Japanese a lot.  Sure, things happened in the past between us (as countries), but that shouldn’t affect how we should feel now.  Japanese products, Animes, television shows, and dialect are all things I LOVE.  I’m sure many other people can agree with me on that.

Now, back to the events of my day.  Today was my record: I woke up at 12PM.  I ate nothing for breakfast; I just came down to eat my lunch.  I wasted…no…rather, spent my quality time watching the Fifa World Cup finals for 2 hours.  After that, it was around 3PM.  My family and I decided to go out to the mall, as I needed to get myself some new boxers (which I did…at Zellers).

Now rolling with my new boxers (no, I didn’t wear my new boxers…gosh…), we headed over to Henderson Place, where my parents went grocery shopping, and I went…AND GOT BUBBLE TEA.  I got my usual: coffee milk tea with coconut jelly.  I also went with my father and bought bread for my breakfast tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning, I actually have to wake up early tomorrow, as I have soccer camp for this entire week at Town Centre Park, which is being run by Chris Bennett, who helped train me and my fellow soccer friends a few years ago, before he moved to Penticton, British Columbia.  Anyways, I’m looking forward to that tomorrow.

After returning home from Henderson and the mall (technically, they’re both malls…), I started to do this blog.  I stopped halfway due to the fact that my aunt, Karen Lui, came over.  We left soon afterwards to Rainbow Butterfly to eat dinner.  It was good, although I didn’t have much of an appetite (Franky: “That’s surprising…very…”).

At the moment, it is 10PM.  I’m about to watch the Anime, R-15…I just need to wait a few more minutes before I have finished the download.  I have to sleep really soon to wake up in time for my soccer camp, so until tomorrow, have a great time!


PS:  You might have noticed in the last post that some of the formatting changed.  This is due to the recent update from WordPress 3.1.4 to 3.2.


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