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Japan 2023: Akihabara

Being in the Tokyo area in May meant that I had to visit one of my favourite areas. Here's my second experience in the Akihabara area.

Japan 2023: Hakone

One of my bucket list items I checked off in my recent Japan trip was visiting an onsen ryokan. In this post, I talk about my experiences in the area of Hakone, where I stayed at an onsen ryokan.

Japan Trip Day 4: To Osaka (大阪へ)

Moving on to day 4 of our trip, we headed towards Osaka via the Shinkansen (新幹線), which was one of the main reasons why we got the Japan Rail Pass. We paid the Canadian equivalent of 29,200 JPY for the…

Japan Trip Day 3: Odaiba (お台場)

So after visiting Akihabara, we decided to go check out the human-made island that is Odaiba, located near Tokyo, on September 15. Although our JR pass became valid that day, we could use the JR pass for only some sections…

A New Grad, and What’s Next

A few days ago, I finally received the email confirmation for being awarded my degree for a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (First Class with Distinction). I’m really happy for this academic achievement that I worked so hard for. I have…