Summer Break: Day 18 – Richmond…Richmond…RICHMOND!

WOOT!  Today was a pretty fun day.  I woke up at around 10:30AM today, despite sleeping VERY late at 3AM.  I came down and ate a sweet bun for breakfast.  I forgot to drink milk.  Since I left my laptop on for the entire night, I was able to quickly start downloads of the epic loli (as people like to put it…) Animes that I have started to watch.  Since I haven’t listed them before, here I go.  The line of summer Animes are:

  • R-15 (ecchi, school girls)
  • Ro-Kyu-Bu (ecchi, school girls, basketball)
  • Mayo Chiki (ecchi, school girls)
  • Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (ecchi, girls)
  • The iDOLM@STER (girls, but presented in an awkward interview style)
  • YuruYuri (school girls)
  • Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! (transforming girls [WDF], school girls)

So yeah.   That’s the summer line up of Anime I’m currently watching.  If I watch more, I’ll be listing them as I go in different posts and altogether in my About > Anime section.  Zarko, the contractor (I guess that’s what I call him) we hired to renovate our kitchen, came over to complete installation of our fans.  Speaking of which, I just remembered that I didn’t talk about anything after my appliances were delivered.  Anyways, our cabinets have been installed, along with all the doors and handles.  All we’re waiting for now is the countertops and light fixtures to be installed.

Enough said about my kitchen, My brother, my grandma, and I went out for lunch at 1:30PM due to the fact that Zarko was doing last minute touch ups.  I brought my camera, as well, to find interesting pictures to take for my day.  We went to Copa Cafe and ate food.  I ate 干炒牛河 and drank coffee milk tea.  My parents joined us soon after, but we left as they got their food.

After indulging (I love using this word now…) in my lunch, we went to the public library (at 2:45PM) to return my grandma’s books.  We also stayed there for a bit let my grandma look and find books to borrow.  I, surprisingly, found the library pretty interesting.  I took a few magazines and started to read them.  They were “MacWorld” and I forget, but it definitely has something to do with computers.  I know it’s not PCWorld, as I am currently subscribing to it at home.  We stayed there for about 45 minutes or so, and left for home afterwards.

Returning home, I was greeted by my parents (again).  My father was asking for the camera, so I said it was “low on battery.”  He then asked for the old camera (the one that I took with me), so I said it was “in the car.”  My father said it “wasn’t in the car,” so I went searching for it everywhere.  I even ended up promising my mother that I would go shopping with her if she found it at Copa Cafe or the library.  Sensing that there was an “evil scheme” plotted by my mom, I searched her handbag, and sure enough, I found my camera.  It turns out I left it at Copa Cafe without knowing.  Now I have to go shopping with her…and not whine.  That’s difficult, when your mom goes all out shopping, ignoring you, and staying in one section or store for hours…and hours…and HOURS.

After brutally being humiliated, my entire family, excluding my brother (as he had to work), took a nice car trip to my cousin’s house in Richmond, British Columbia (now you kind of know where I live…I guess…).  We had dinner at their house, and I learned a little bit of Japanese with my cousin using RosettaStone v3.3.5 on my PC.  Too bad I had no internet…*sigh*.  I YouTube’d with my cousin as well.  The thing I remember the most was this set of small, magnetic balls that were SO FUN TO PLAY WITH.  If I remember correctly, they were called “buckeyballs” or something.  Anyways, that was fun.

I arrived at home at around 11:50PM that night, and wanted to do “this” blog (which I’m doing the next day…but writing in present day format), but my mom got mad and confiscated my laptop.  Luckily, my brother was very kind to let me use his computer for this purpose.

Anyways, I’ve covered everything that I have done today.  I’ll blog again later!



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