Summer Break: Day 17 – Another waste of a day…

Hello!  I’m too lazy to talk about what I did today, so I’m just going to list my day of events:

  • Woke up at 11AM
  • Ate a slice of bread and drank a glass of milk at 11:15AM
  • Went back to my room and watched Initial D (racing Anime)
  • Ate Nissan noodles with lettuce for lunch (cooked by my father)
  • Downloaded  and watched Anime, played COD: Black Ops, and listened to music for the whole afternoon
  • Went outside with a lawn chair and stared at distant trees to relieve the strain on my eyes at around 5PM
  • Ate congee and fried noodles for dinner at 6:45PM
  • Took a shower at 7:30PM
  • Laid in bed and listened to music for an hour at 7:45PM
  • Pretended to sleep at 11:30PM, and waited for my brother to come home after work (so that I could eat some leftover noodles).
  • Watched Initial D (again) from 1:30AM to 3AM (the next day…)

As of right now, I’m tired…very tired.  So anyways, I’ll be blogging again tomorrow.  Have fun during this epic summer time!




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