Summer Break: Day 16 – Chillin’…again.

Well…today was an “alright” day. It was pouring rain, and I woke up at 11AM. My grandmother made me lunch, as usual (I just remembered I did not mention this at all during my last 14 blog posts). Anyways, after lunch, my brother and I decided to play Star Wars BattleFront I and II on PS2, which I borrowed from Ray a week or so ago. It was a fun two hours of my life…wasted. With the PS2 gaming done, I headed for my computer to check for new Anime to watch. Sadly, there were no good ones……so I had to resort to listening to music for 30 minutes to kill time. My father came home afterwards at around 3:30PM, on his break, to lend the car to my brother, who was “on call” for work tonight in SilverCity. We drove him back to work, returned some DVDs that we borrowed from the library, and my brother and I went to Sammi’s to buy golden bubbles and bubble tea. I spent $9.50 on two bags of golden bubbles and a coffee milk tea with pearls. I felt like a fatty after indulging in that delicious, sweet tasting food…and the slimy-ness of the pearls in my drink…mmmmmm….so good. We headed on home at around 4:45PM, where I killed more time with music, and catching up on my previous blogs, which I didn’t write the day before. At 6:15PM, I headed off to the Eagle Ridge field, where I had my soccer practice. That helped work off some of the weight I gained today. Speaking of which, I just remembered that I drank Iced Tea before I had bubble tea (Franky: “Wow…fatass to the max…”).
Coming home exhausted from soccer at around 8:45PM (I didn’t play soccer for 2 hours…my parents went and got gas while we were out…), I ate my dinner that was prepared for me…by my grandmother (LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!). So delicious. I took a shower afterwards, and now I’m blogging about my day today. Now I feel like sleeping, and a goodnight I shall say. I just remembered another thing: I have pictures (YES, PICTURES!) of my bubble tea (I know…what the ****). Here they are (or here it is):

Well that all for now! Time to blog some more tomorrow!



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