Summer Break: Day 15 – BO’ing with Ray and Andrew

Today was nothing special. Woke up at around 9:30AM, drank milk, and headed off to Galaxy Hair Design to get a haircut. Now my hair’s epic (no need to comb it =D). I came home, played some Black Ops with Ray Low, and ate lunch. After lunch, I played Black Ops with Ray Low…again, as today would be his last day before he leaves for Taiwan and the Philippines. Later on in the day, at around 2:30PM, my friend, Andrew Li, decided to come over after going job hunting in the Burquitlam area. We, as a group of three, played Black Ops: Zombies, but epicly failed. After that, we played a private match of Care Packages and Sniper Only free-for-all games. It was random…but epicly fun. We played a total of four matches. Ray won two matches, and Andrew and I won one each. Andrew left my house at 5:30PM, at which I decided to take a nap. I napped for an hour, and ate dinner afterwards. Full from dinner, I played on my MapleStory private server with my cousin, Jessie Lee, for an hour or so. At around 9PM, my father asked me to eat dessert with him. I did…and continued to Maple afterwards. Surprisingly, it’s now 11PM, and I feel like sleeping.

More blogging tomorrow!



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