Summer Break: Day 14 – Chilling again…

Well, it’s been TWO weeks since I was out of school. Anyways, here’s a brief outline of what I did today (for my future self to know about…and my readers =D):
– Woke up at 10:15AM
– Brushed my teeth and ate breakfast at 10:30AM (ate a croissant)
– Went out with my brother and father to pay for our kitchen countertops
– Ate lunch at 11:30AM at Copa Cafe
– Went to Coquitlam Centre with my brother to buy a gift for his friend, while my father drove off to work
– Got a ride from his friend (that wasn’t being gifted at the moment) home.
– Played Call of Duty: Black Ops with Ray Low at 1:30PM
– Played WipEout: Fury HD on PS3 at 2:30PM
– Listened to music at 3:00PM
– Played Call of Duty: Black Ops with Ray Low again at 4PM
– Did nothing at 5PM
– Went to soccer practice at 6:30PM
– Came home and ate dinner at 8:30PM
– Downloaded music at 10:30PM
– Watched Anime at 11PM
– Blogging (right now) at 1PM (the next day…lol)

So yeah, there you have it. That’s what I did for the entire day today. For the “did nothing” part, I basically sat in front of my computer, looked up at the ceiling, and just thought about stuff. Now I feel like sleeping. See ya tomorrow!



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