Summer Break: Day 13 – Biking around PoCo Trail

Today was a fun day! I woke up at 11AM, ate lunch, and headed out to bike with Andrew Li and Ray Low. We biked around the entire PoCo Trail in one hour and fifty minutes. It was a nice, cloudy day; perfect for biking. After that great workout (LOL…), we all went to McDonalds and got dollar drinks =D. Surprisingly, I didn’t tank the whole thing right away. Part of the reason was because I was playing on Andrew’s family iPad. So fun…lol. Anyways, we left at 4:15PM, and Andrew wanted to rush down this huge hill near his house. Unfortunately, he forgot to take us up the big hill, and we ended up…well…not rushing down. We split from the base of the hill and went home. Shortly after that, I went to a friend’s house for a barbeque. Since it was nearby, I decided to bike there as well. I ate, I YouTube’d, I MapleStory’d, and I went home. As I was biking home, I changed gears, and the chain on my bike broke off. It was sad…really sad. How the heck does it break?! Oh well, now I’m going to blog about the next day; I’m behind schedule.



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