Summer Break: Day 20 – Soccer Academy: Day 1 of 5/Chilling with my brother


I did not have a good sleep at all last night.  I slept at 4AM…and I think I can thank the coffee milk tea that I drank the day before for that.  Anyways, I had soccer academy this morning, and I realized that I’m really out of shape…and need to practice my juggling…heh.  I was out of breath by the end of the practice.  I guess this is my wake up call to get fitter.  Luckily, I’m going again tomorrow…and the day after too.

Since soccer took up my whole morning, from 9AM to 11AM, I came home at around 11:30AM by walking.  I took a shower right when I got home.  I ate lunch at around 12:15PM, which was, again, prepared by my grandmother.  It was the usual: noodles, vegetables, and meat.

After lunch, my brother and I decided to go out to Metrotown, which is a mall out in Burnaby.  We had to ask our father to come back and lend us the car for my brother to drive.  We ended up arriving at Metrotown at around 2PM.  During our time there, I looked for jeans as mine were all getting too small.  Unfortunately, I ended up buying nothing as they were all either too expensive, or weren’t the right size…and this is exactly why I have no patience for shopping.  I guess I’m going to have to improve on that note.  Anyways (lol…this is my favourite starter word…), I also went to Crystal Mall, which was right across the street from Metrotown.  In my opinion, it is a full on Asian mall, with small shops, a food court that sells Asian drinks and food, and, most importantly, people that speak CANTONESE or MANDARIN…although I have huge issues trying to understand Mandarin.  I walked around, and bought Hong Kong style iced tea.

At around 4PM, my brother and I left for home, as he had to get back in time for work at 6PM.  For the duration of the ride home (most of it…), I was asleep, holding my iPod touch, under the hot sun.  We got home at around 4:45PM.  My mom arrived home from work a little later, at around 5PM.

Dinner was served at 6:30PM.  We had…stuff…Chinese dishes to be exact (how is that exact?!?!).  After dinner, I chilled in my room by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online…and began converting Dog Days (Anime) to watch on my iPod touch.  As of this posting, I am converting episode 5 of 13.

As I said earlier, I am extremely tired from only sleeping for four hours last night, so I will be sleeping extra early today.  I also have to prepare for soccer academy: day 2.  Until tomorrow, have a great day…or rather, night!



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