Summer Break: Day 21 – Tired…very tired…

I am very tired…and that is basically all I have to say right now.  I went for soccer academy at 9AM this morning, which then ended at around 11AM.  I came home, took a shower, and ate udon and lean meat, which was prepared by my father.  At around 12:20PM, my father left for work, and I decided to lounge around my TV and listen to music from my Wii.  That lasted for 50 minutes.  At that time, my grandmother came home from a gathering that she goes to every Tuesday.  I decided to go play Dance Dance Revolution after that.  That lasted for 30 minutes.  Tired from dancing, I went back into my room to re-watch “Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!,” which is an Anime for those who don’t know.  There is a total of 203 episodes.  I was randomly selecting episodes to watch for my enjoyment.  I did that until 6:15PM.  While I was watching, I decided to convert the rest of Dog Days.  At 6:15PM, I began to prepare to go to my soccer practice.  I ate dinner before that, so that should have given me some energy…but it didn’t.  I was tired from my morning training session…and dancing.  I came home at around 8:30PM.  I ate more dinner, and then took a shower at 9PM.  My mom was also very kind enough to make me more food, as my father was coming home from work and wanted food, so, at around 9:30PM, I ate Nissan instant noodles again.  After that, I continued my rampage of KHR watching…(I think that made no sense at all, grammar-wise…).  Currently, it’s 10:30PM, and I have to rest up for another soccer training session tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it =D.  Anyways, until tomorrow, have a great time!


PS: I will be doing Song of the Week tomorrow.  Look forward to it =D.


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