Room Diary: November 2022

It's been a year and a half since my last, actual room diary. Plenty has changed since. Slight NSFW warning.

It’s been a while since my last room dairy. I’ve gave a brief glimpse when I first moved out, but haven’t posted one lately. I’ve added a few posters here and there and changed the layout a bit, so let’s get started!

As one would expect, my room wouldn’t be my room without posters, so here they are. I’ve taken up roughly half the wall, and still have plenty of wall space to add more; however, during the course of the summer, my room did get toasty and some of the blue tack effectiveness just wasn’t there. As such, some of them fell off the wall and I had to put them back on. If I add more, then I might just increase the work load on me to put them back up again. For now, I’ll keep it status quo.

The poster corner of my room.

I also have a small desk near the door, which serves a few purposes. First, I do some of my personal project coding here. I do my best to keep my work and personal life balance by having a separate room for my work computer setup. Before, this desk was actually on the other corner of the room, but I moved the desktop into the living room and cleaned up the mess of cables for good. The second thing I use this desk for is to do basic figure photography. I have two hooks on the wall, which are used for holding up the white backdrop I’ve been using for said photos, and the rest of the backdrop just drapes onto the table and I put the tripod in front of the table, and add my lighting setup all around it. It takes maybe 5 minutes to set up the lighting and camera, so it’s been decent so far, but I might change things up later, who knows. I store my lights on the right underside of the table.

My small, personal desk.

By the door, I have a few wall scrolls that came in the limited edition version of Lincia and Cecil. I might move the Cecil one since she’s overlapping with the larger one from Eureka.

Some wall scrolls on and beside the door.

Turning around, I have my bed, which has since been rotated around. Now when I sleep, my head is against the far wall. This layout actually gives me more space on the poster side wall, making this small enough room feel just slightly bigger. It also allows me to better appreciate the plethora of art that I have before I go to sleep. A win-win, I must say!

A view of my bed from the door.

The bed itself would not be complete without my dakimakuras. This time around, it features fanart of Ganyu from Genshin Impact (gotten from TheWaifuCafe during my time at Anime Revolution this year), and Korie Riko-sensei’s original character named Airi, which I got from her Booth shop last year. Oh yeah, I also have an IKEA BLÅHAJ keeping me company when my girlfriend isn’t around. I never get lonely around here!

Beside my bed, I have my wireless charging pad from Anker to charge up my Xperia 1 II for the next day. Battery health wise, my phone is starting to drop off a bit, so I started limiting the charge to 90% to be able to use my phone for as long as possible. Maybe I’ll think about the Xperia 1 VI next year, as that would mark 3 years since I’ve had this phone. Beside the charger, I have my Dyson fan, which has kept me relatively cool in the hot summer this year, and will keep me warm in the upcoming winter.

In the corner, I moved my drawers to the other side of the room. Hanging out beside me when I sleep are the FREEing bunny girls of White Queen from DATE A LIVE, and more recently, Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed. I finished Gundam Seed pretty recently (still have to watch Destiny) to see if I could justify getting her on behalf of my girlfriend and myself, for which the outcome is now pretty obvious: she looks pretty good in a bunny suit, and we have no regrets :D. I also got a nice pink furry pillow case to use as a base to match her hair and it actually matches pretty well. I also wanted to get a more furry white one to match White Queen. Maybe I’ll get something like that in future, who knows? 😉 Oh and yeah, White Queen is the ultimate glass holder: my pair of spare glasses sit perfectly against her calves. Maybe I’ll have a figure post about Lacus some time soon, but we’ll see.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. I’ve been working on some internal infrastructure improvements as of late as well. Once I’ve finalized that, I’ll have another post and the experience I had with that, so look forward to it!

I’ll end this post with a wider view of my poster wall, and a gallery below the rest for easy viewing.

A wider view of the poster wall.

Until next time!



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