Room Diary: May 2021

Here's another update to my room. Apart from the layout, nothing else has changed too much.

It’s been a while since my last room diary. I reverted my room layout back to its original form, since I needed another change of pace. Nonetheless, here comes an image dump.

First, my desk is now back against the window wall, so now I’ve regained the lost space in the middle of the room.

My desk layout is more or less the same. On the left side, I have a wireless charger for my Sony Xperia 1 II and my fingerprint reader to sign into my PC. In front of that is my DSLR. I have my Surface Pro 5 sitting on my desk, which I can control with my desktop keyboard and mouse. I’m using Synergy Pro to do that; it’s been working pretty well for the last year or so. The other Surface is a family friend’s that I’m helping to fix right now.

On the right are my shelves. As usual, they house all my figure boxes and some other things. I did re-arrange a bunch of boxes on the right shelf in order to fit more in, but I’ve inevitably ran out of space and had to put some to the right of the shelf. I’ve also started buying iDOLM@STER CDs; I have a little spot for them on the left bookcase. In addition, Suenaga Mirai, Ichinose Shiki, and Tojo Nozomi sit on that bookcase, illuminated by some LEDs. I rotate them out once in a while with the ones in my display case. I also recently got a few more artbooks, so they’re sitting on the bottom shelf. Between last diary and this one, I got the Azur Lane EN 2nd anniversary artbook, Shimada Fumikane’s 2nd artbook, and Korie Riko’s Candy Drops 2. Great artwork in all of them.

Also, this year wouldn’t be complete without another artist calendar. This year, I chose Kantoku-sensei’s 2021 calendar, filled with lots of cute girls!

Under my desk, I finally bought a UPS for my small desktop. Gotta be prepared for the unexpected.

Going towards the door, I took off my scrolls from the wall. I also added three additional Nanoleaf triangles. The Nanoleaf Rhythm is really great cause I love playing music in my room. I bought a white AUX cable as well to match the white power cable.

Going around the room, I haven’t bought a lot of new artwork in the past year because of COVID, since I usually like to buy at conventions. The only two new ones I got were Nakano Nino and Miku from the series Gotoubun no Hanayome. Both were illustrated by hitsukuya.

Coming around to my bed, I put away the two smaller dakimakuras and added another full sized one instead. The outer cover on the new one is Takimoto Hifumi from the series NEW GAME!, and she is illustrated by rimuu. Both the cover and daki inner are available on Dakimakuri. The inner I got was the Kumochi 160cm (4.0kg). It’s really soft when I hug it at night, so I would highly recommend!

Underneath my bed, I cleaned up the mess of wires I had (I wish I had a photo of what it looked like before). I used some old shoe boxes, cut off the top cover and use them to sort my spare cables for my computers. I have a box for peripherals, Ethernet and power cables, USB cables, and miscellaneous cables. My other drawer stores the extra artwork I have from the artist calendars and artwork I bought at conventions.

And that about does it for the room updates this time around. I’ll end it off with some wider views.

That’s all this time around, until next time!


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