Summer Break: Day 48 – Columbia River Gorge: Scenic Route

Today was a spectacular day.  Anyways, here I go.

I woke up at 8:55AM, and headed downstairs to the lobby of our hotel, where breakfast was served.  This Best Western hotel had an assortment of breakfast choices.  Anyways, I had egg, bacon, hashbrowns, and a biscuit.  After indulging in it, I headed back upstairs to surf the internet, and to get ready and leave.

At around 10AM, we left the hotel.  Since we were going sightseeing all day, we went to Subway, located at the Premium Outlets (which we were at yesterday), and bought a two subs.  My dad prepared his lunch using the food he got from the complimentary breakfast.  Entering the city of Troutdale, we headed down Oregon US-30, which is a very scenic route that goes along the Columbia River.  We stopped at multiple sightseeing places, some which overlooked the Columbia River, while some featured spectacular waterfalls.

At around 1PM, we stopped at a picnic area near another waterfall, and ate our Subway sandwiches.  We relaxed for a bit before continuing our sightseeing journey.

At 1:30PM, we continued on with looking at waterfalls.  We even went by the really famous one, although, sadly, I can not recall the name of it.  Anyways, photos will follow this post.  I did not get to see all the waterfalls, as I fell asleep for a bit.

When I awoke from my nice nap in the car, I was greeted by roads.  It turns out we were heading to a nearby dam.  We walked around and looked at fish for about 30 minutes there, and then left.  We left for the Bridge of the Gods, which is a bridge that separates Washington and Oregon state.  Also, for some reason, you have to pay a toll to cross the bridge.  Luckily, it was only a dollar, so we crossed it twice.

After that, we drove around Cascade Locks, looked around, and came back to Olive Garden to have dinner.  I had Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken.

With dinner finished, we headed back to our hotel, and I went swimming with my dad.  That killed most of the time remaining in the day.

Now, I have to sleep, so I’ll be blogging later.  Oh, and pictures will soon follow.



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