Summer Break: Day 43 – Aberdeen…again…

Well, as the title suggests, I went to Aberdeen yet again, but this time, it was for my aunt to buy dried salmon or something of the similar, along with pastries from the famous Kam Do Restaurant and Bakery, where we ate lunch and saw a friend.

And, again, I got milk tea, twice.  I got one at Kam Do, and one in Aberdeen, both within a two hour period.

Anyways, at night, we ate at Sushi Town (again!) with my LA cousins, and my Richmond cousins!  It was really good (of course).  After that, they all came over to our house and we watched some “Beautiful Cooking!,” which Uncle Jimmy copied to my brother’s computer.

We also ate apple pie, which my mom made, along with pineapple.

I honestly don’t feel like blogging right now…I’ve been deprived of my sleep.



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