Summer Break: Day 42 – Aberdeen and dinner.


Today, I woke up at 9:30AM.  Again, we did nothing until noon or so.  My grandma had to go for another eye appointment, but this time it was in Metrotown.  My parents went with her, and they left at 11:45AM.  At 12PM, my brother and I, along with Uncle Jimmy, my aunt, and my cousins carpooled to Richmond.  My uncle’s friend from a long time ago decided to call us out for lunch, and we ate at ABC Cafe in Aberdeen.  I have never been there, but the moment I walked in, I immediately noticed that it was expensive, and I was right.  Upon entering the restaurant , there was a person wearing a tie and a vest.  We were about to ask for a table for 7, but that person turned out to be uncle’s friend…and we almost mistook him as a waiter…LOL.  Anyways, the food was expensive.  I got (almost) the cheapest thing on the menu, and that was just chicken steak curry for $10.50, with no drink or anything.  Anyways, we finished eating, took some pictures, and walked around Aberdeen while Uncle Jimmy and his friend talked.  I ended up buying a milk tea from some other place other than Estea Express.  It was $2, and big.  I loved it.  Aside from buying a drink, my brother, Timothy, and I went and looked in some shops.  We looked at some interesting things, from 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) posters (I WANTED ONE SO BADLY…but I had no money…and it was expensive…) to an iPhone 4 case that had a slide-out keyboard.  Things were pretty interesting.  We left at around 4:30PM, and as we left the Aberdeen parkade, we saw my parents pull up behind us, and we went to go and pick up some cake for desert after our dinner at Aunt Elaine’s house.  Unfortunately, my parents were behind us, and got caught by red light.  Instead of getting the cake, we went and stopped at this random store that was like an outlet for cheap stuff (not XS Cargo).  My parents came as well, and we walked around.  There was nothing much there, so we left 30 minute later, picked up the cake, and went to Aunt Elaine’s house.  We YouTube’d for a bit, listened to some music, ate dinner, ate some cake, and then left.  Nothing notable happened.

Anyways, I’ve had enough of blogging for today.  More to come later!


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