Summer Break: Day 6 – A quite boring day.

Here I am again, blogging about some random stuff I did today. Here’s a simple summary of what I did today:
– Woke up.
– Watched Anime Expo 2011 cosplays on NicoVideo.
– Got bubble tea and bread…by myself at Henderson.
– Downloaded some Miku songs.
– Went for a walk.
– Played Dance Dance Revolution at home.
Honestly speaking, it was…quite boring. The Anime Expo ended today, and won’t happen again until next year, which is in another 363 days or so…QQ. Anyways, I am going to sleep now, and I hope to do something that can let me take some good pictures. =D.

Anyways, happy blogging to me, myself in the future, and all you people out there in the world who are looking at this, but I doubt anyone is because this sub-domain is not well known..heh.



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