Summer Break: Day 7 – It’s been a week.

WOOT! It’s been a week since my actual summer break started. Man, time goes by so slowly. Hope it stays likes this for a while.
Again, I did nothing much today, except for getting fat at McDonalds in Coquitlam Centre with Ray Low. I burned it off by going to soccer practice, though, so it’s all good xD. At the time of this blog entry, it’s 1:19AM on July 6th, but since this is about the previous day, it’s being entered in at 11:14PM on July 5th.
Enough said about that, I, again, have not taken pictures to put on my blog. There is honestly nothing good to take right now, but when there is, I’ll be sure to post it up. I know I might regret not taking pictures when I’m older, but I’ll embrace my summer for now…heh…! I’m also celebrating my 102nd post with this entry! I guess I could call it a milestone…kind of.
To talk about something completely random, I realized that in my collection of VOCALOID2 songs, I have at least 15 different albums. LOL. I hope to be collecting more and more songs from VOCALOID2 xD.
I’m tired, so I will go to sleep now.
More blogging tomorrow!



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